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♡ June Favs - Beauty ♡

♡ Hello Everyone! ♡

Welcome to my first monthly favourites post! For this post, I decided to take it out into my backyard. Let's just say nature was not on my side. However the sun was shining, and I got the pictures so without further ado, my June Favourites everyone! 

Being 'Daisy Locks', I kind of felt entitled (ha, cause its my okay.)  to tell you my favourite flower of the month: Chrysanthemums. Wow, big word for such a delicate flower. These are amazing in a room, they really do help to brighten it up. I can see them out of the corner of my eye now actually. Perfect for those in Summer, or those in Winter who want a little bit of warmth/summeriness in their homes. 

I wore this nail polish for a total of seven days, and thats a lot for me. I would have worn it for longer, but it chipped like crazy. I'm not going to go recommending this brand (It was $2 from an Australian chemist), but I do recommend colours like this. I think it's quite the universal colour and suits the majority of skin tones.

I honestly think I have found one my favourite shower creams, and I will continue to come back to it. It's Olay's body wash with crème ribbons with almond oil. The scent reminds me of a rose and strawberry milkshake (I've never had or seen of one). I was amazed at how moisturising it was for a body wash. I was just expecting a very simple shower cream but wow! You almost don't need to use a body lotion after! So if you have dry skin, I highly recommend it to you. Heck! I highly recommend it to anyone!

TONI&GUY Warm Blonde Conditioner for radiance and shine with the addition of grapeseed oil
I was a little bummed after the first four to six uses of this conditioner, because I saw no difference in my hair at all. However, it was hard for me to see the change in my hair as I'm looking at it everyday. I asked my friend if she saw much of a difference in my hair and she commented that it looked a little golder than usual. My original hair colour is a mix of blondes, but the colour range is from medium to dark. I wasn't very satisfied with my hair colour, as I felt that it was dull, but after using this product I've become a lot more content. So what's in it that helps? Well, the grapeseed oil plays a large part. Grapeseed oil is great for all kinds of things hair-wise. It helps to promote growth, locking in moister, adding shine, helps getting rid and healing dandruff and protects your hair to prevent damage.
The smell is a big plus too, but maybe not to everyone. It has a nutty smell (in particular, almond) in my opinion, but its a hard fragrance to put your finger on. My mum claims it reminds her of candles!
Staining is also an issue, however it's not the kind of staining thats impossible to remove. It won't stain your skin (or it hasn't for me), but it may stain anything else within the environment you use it in. So I don't recommend pulling your hair up in a towel with it in. 
If you would like a review on this product, comment below. 

"Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair repair cell repair mask."
This is seriously one of the best things I use in my hair, and another bonus? It's cheap as chips! At a mere $3, your guaranteed more softer feeling locks after your first wash! It's a cell repair mask, but I can't go talking about that, as I don't really understand it too much. However, I can say I have seen a massive improvement in the health and strength of my hair. After using it, the next day my hair feels as soft as silk. My hair drinks this up like I drink up milkshakes. As for the scent, wow. Thats all I can say. It's another scent that is virtually impossible to describe, so I'm going to leave it up to you. To me, It smells like my Aunty... that may sound odd but take it as a compliment Aunty Denise! You smell awesome! yeah that sounded weird...sorry.

Victoria Secret "Secret craving"- black currant and vanilla absolute.
"Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. Spray on for a touch of scent."
If I had to choose my fragrance of the month, it would be this baby. This scent is a nice one. Fruity and floral aren't usually put together in the same scent, and it's hard to pull of. But this bottle does it quite nicely. Thank you to my friend Vivien for helping me choose this :)
A little bit does go a long way though, and I learnt that lesson the hard way. I had put on just a little bit too much, and our family was driving for three hours that day. It heats up quickly in our car, and after about ten minutes, all I could smell was this. It became quite sickly after half an hour.

Yankee Candle: Garden Sweet Pea

I'm going to be honest with you here, at first purchase of this candle, I wasn't as thrilled as what I am now. I had bought another candle - my all time favourite (Island spa) - but I accidentally dropped it on the floor. I was devastated and a little grumpy but it gave me an opportunity to bring out this guy. Its just a one-wick but the scent fills up the whole room in about 10 to 20 minutes. I leave it sitting above my bed with the lid off and even just doing that allows the scent to linger. Its a lovely sweet flowery scent. I don't think it can be appreciated by everyone though.

(The Aesop packaging was just what she put it in. It's not an Aesop product)

Ok so my lovely DIY friend gave this to me a couple of weeks ago and i'm in love. It's a lip scrub that's hard not to eat.
- nutmeg
-Brown sugar
(I'm sure you can tell why it was hard for me to resist eating.)

Vera Wang - Lovestruck
I apologize for my terrible pun but I had to, it was there. The scent is beautiful, a mixture of fruit and freshness. This isn't my perfume, it's my mum's, but I can't help but want to buy a bottle myself. Her description of the scent: "It smells like happiness", is quite accurate.
The bottle is beautiful, very much of a vanity table decoration. The only downside? one word, travelling. It just can't happen. But in this house, we'll make it happen, just for this scent.

Morroncanoil treatment, for all hair types

Ok guys, lets just discuss this for a second. I literally love EVERYTHING about this product, and the only problem I have with it is its price. And even that can be justifiable. This beauty is the best thing that ever happened to my hair. Ever since day one of using it my hair has seen a huge improvement. I had terrible split ends, but all was good after using it.
I highly highly highly recommend it, and the smell, wow. It's an exotic-oily scent that I cannot describe, so next opportunity, give it a whiff. You won't regret it. 

Maybelline - Eraser for dark circles
If you suffer from fatigue or insomnia, and get the not-too-pleasant side effect of dark circles, this would be a great thing to buy. It's inexpensive, and very worthwhile. The product disappears quite quickly I must admit (from the bottle that is). Applying the product is a nice experience also with its spongy applicator. On the right picture I attempted to swatch the concealer. I didn't do a good job, but you can see it blends in nicely with my skin tone. I use shade 10 fair claire. 
This can also be used as a highlighter, depending on the shade you purchase.

(Check out my review to see why I love this product)

Left: Revlon shade 610 Lily. Right: OPI (from Skyfall collection) The world is not enough.
 This has been my current nail combo. I have been a fan of this Revlon polish for over a year now. You can't see too clearly in the picture, but it has a slight bluey reflex to it. The lovely pastel Lilac colour is complementing to most skin tones, and perfect for summer and spring. 

These two hand sanitises from Bath and Body works have been used quite often this month. First Bloom is a lovely fresh flowery scent. Imagine you are stepping into a garden, filled with all kinds of flowers. Well this is how First bloom smells like. As for Raspberry Pink Peony, red lemonades and fruit punches. Thats how it smells like.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea (HA! haha, I actually can't stop giggling) but I love it. It's Bigelow's Vanilla Chai tea. As the name suggests, it's your average chai tea with a hint of vanilla. A lovely sweet tea that tastes delicious with milk. 

St Ives, Green Tea scrub
This scrub is truly amazing. It works incredibly to clean out your pores, and scrub away dead skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and softer. I plan on giving this product a review very soon, but for a quick background, it has salicylic acid in it, which helps aid getting rid of acne. However there is a smaller amount, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Behind the Scenes!

My artsy fartsy view whilst I edit.

I'd like to thank my friends, my family and oh, Off! for keeping away pesky mosquitoes. 

yet they still bite me. How to make sure mosquitoes don't bite:
step 1: stand next to me
step 2: Enjoy not being bitten as Emily gets eaten alive.

My scenery (aka, my backyard) I worked with this morning

The sun refused to be covered by clouds this morning. Great for shooting, not so great for the amount of sweating I did (I'm sorry, TMI)

(Look out for my Fashion favourites of the month, coming soon)
until next time,

Lots of love,

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