Sunday, December 28, 2014

Helpful styling products for short hair

After recently chopping off a fair bit of hair, I found that my hair care routine needed to be switched up a tad. I've always been an avid user of the well-renowned Morroccanoil hair treatment. It leaves my ends feeling soft and allows for my hair to be easier to work with the following days. I follow up with a shining serum. I've reviewed the Joico K-pack Protect & Shine serum before and my opinion hasn't changed since. It's does a lovely job at protecting my ends when I'm styling my hair with heat, and adds a nice amount of shine. A cheaper alternative is the PPS Shine It serum, which essentially does the same thing. I do, however, prefer the Joico serum over this one though, as it seems to work a tad better. On the topic of protecting my hair, my favourite heat treatment spray of the moment is Tresemme's Keratin Smooth spray. Again, I've already reviewed this in depth here, so I won't go into too much detail. Basically, it does an awesome job at protecting my horrendously dry hair that I heat treat waaay too often, controls my unruly baby hairs and any frizz, and adds a nice touch of smoothness.

When it comes to styling, depending on how long it's been since I've washed my hair, I'll begin with a Bastiste dry shampoo. My ultimate fav scent is their Tropical one (as shown above). There really isn't any need for my to discuss this dry shampoo as it's most likely in your collection of hair products already. But if you aren't in the know, Bastiste dry shampoos not only smell awesome, but also efficiently disguise any day-old greasiness and add a touch of volume to the roots.

After my hair has been prepped and heat treated, I'll begin with the rest of my products. I'll run a bit off mousse - the one I've photographed isn't worth mentioning to be honest, as it was just a cheap one   - through my hair (if I've curled/waved it), then follow up with some of Toni&Guy's Beach curl spray, crunching my hair for two minutes as I walk around. I find this gives my hair a perfect amount of texture as it works with the mousse, and allows for my hair to remain bouncy and in-check all day long. For further measure, I'll then seal it all in with a mist of Tresemme's Salon Finish hair spray.

And that's it for my current hair care products! If you would like to see what shampoos and conditioners I'm fond of/didn't like to much, be sure to check out my Battle Of The Washes! 
I'm also currently on the hunt for some good volumizing/texturising products and would love some recommendations!

Until next time, lots of love,

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