Friday, July 5, 2013

♡ Rainy OOTD ♡

♡ Hello Lovelies! ♡

So today I was looking forward to taking lots of pictures for my june fashion favourites. I wished it wouldn't rain on my parade... but my wish was not granted.
Unfortunately, the rain stayed all day long too. However, I didn't want to not give you a fashion post of some form, so I went ahead and took some pictures of my outfit today.
Such a poser, so dramatic. 

I wanted something that I could layer, so extra warmth was provided, but I also wanted something that was a little flawy in case the weather decided to take a turn (It didn't). I decided to go for the "Comfy yet put together" vibe. The under shirt is a plain singlet from Target ($10) and the shirt is from supré ($20).
I purchased these shorts forever ago. They are size 12 or believe, yet they still fit my nicely. They are also from Target (Whoop whoop!). I rolled up the bottoms of the shorts to make them look neater.

Because of my bag (Bottom photo), I had to go for gold jewellery. I chose this dainty "wish" necklace (Diva: $15) instead of a navel grazing necklace, because I wanted the main focus to be on the bag.

Here she is, the star of the show! This lovely flower-inspired bag is from Forever New, and was gifted to me by my best friend Sonia (I love you!). I thought it was too cute not to wear. It was literally calling my name this morning. As you can see, the chain broke off but I shall fix that...

Because of the weather, I had to choose a pair of shoes that were suitable. These rubbery flats from Novo ($20) were perfect.

Brace yourself, these next photos are as cheesy as Dominos pizzas.

If Marina and the Diamonds has taught me any valuable life lessons, its that rule number one is that you gotta have fun, so I did. And you see, if there is a camera in my face, it's hard to be normal, it's just a fact. I wasn't very inclined to putting this scary face on my blog, but I figured I'm going to need to start one day, and today shall be the day. 

So excuse my hair, It got wet in the rain during a mad dash into Baskin and Robbins (I'm loving Cotton Candy and Hokey Pokey. Comment your fav flavours below!).
As for my face, if you can guess what my face base is, you win (Hint hint, I've reviewed it).
As for my eyes, I used the Revlon 12 hour eyeshadow in Blushed Wines as my main shadow, a highlight for my brow bone and contouring in the crease. My mascara is the Maybelline Falsies volume express in Black Drama. On my lips I'm wearing the victoria secret lipstick i showed in my current lippie favs, and a Chi Chi lipgloss.

I apologise if I hurt anyone's eyes after those shocking photos. But if your brave enough to see more, stick around! I'm still getting used to using the tripod, but it's great fun! Who would have thought a tripod could be entertaining. No, it's not because I'm blonde... hey there's a squirrel outside!

Ok, until next time,

Lots of love,


  1. oh what a beautiful outfit! :) I really love that shirt!!

    Andrea xx

  2. You look great! and loved the Marina and the Diamonds part!

    Gen |

  3. Replies
    1. I know right? I'm very lucky to have it :)

  4. this is so cute! i don't think we have baskin robbins in the UK...xx

    1. Oh hun, you're missing out! It's seriously heaven there. I'm sure you have another great ice cream store though?

  5. lovely outfit! your blog is so great <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  6. Replies
    1. Aw haha thank you, made my day also! thats really lovely of you xoxo