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♡ What's in my bag? ♡

♡ Hello Everyone! ♡

So a personal favourite tag of mine on youtube is the 'What's in my bag?' tag. In a not-as-creepy way, you're able to see what everyone else carries with them in their bags! I've collected a few tips from these videos and blog posts, so I thought it might be a fun thing to share it all with you!

So I have two bags that I will use whenever I go out. One is for outfits that need a bit of colour and the other is a more casual option.

My Casual bag and wallet
In the picture above is the bag that I use for casual wear. 

1. This is usually the bag I opt for. It's a pleather bag from the Australian accessory store 'Equip'. It cost me $20 - bargain eh? Unfortunately, Equip is only available for Australian residents. If you're living in Australia and there isn't an Equip store close by, they do deliver ( 

2. As this bag is a little on the slim side compared to my other bag, I have to use a slimmer wallet. This is my "go-to" wallet, and I will generally throw it in to any bag, despite its size. It's a leather wallet from the Australian brand 'Jag'. I do believe that Jag ships, but I'm not sure where. This wallet was given to me by my mum because it was too small for her. So if you're someone who jam-packs their wallet, this is not the wallet for you. 

Colourful bag candy

In the picture above is the bag and wallet I will opt for whenever I feel as if my outfit needs a pick-me-up.

1. I bought this bag when it was on sale for $20 in the Australian store "Kate Hill". It's original price was $60 - a little expensive for a bag that wasn't very show-stopping. The material stains easily, and the latch breaks off on a regular basis. However, I'm a fan of the chain strap, and I was stoked to see that it came with a shoulder rest, because chain rubbing on your shoulder after a shopping day is not fun. This bag is a little wider therefore I can fit more things in it - Bonus!

2. This wallet is quite Chanel-esque with its quilted texture. I purchased it for $20 from the same store as my bag (and at the same time), and just like the bag, it was originally $60. In my opinion the wallet was more worth the money.

Now time for the insides of my bag!

Daily Essentials

1. I've now developed a habit of bringing out breath mints. Despite the yummy taste, I think they are a nice thing to have readily available after a lunch or dinner outing.

2. Unfortunately I have braces, and these bands that help to bring my jaw forward, is - without a doubt - a necessity. 

3. If I had to leave the house with only three things, my phone would be one of them. So of course My phone is making an appearance in this post.

4. I must admit I'm not a big sunglass wearer but I do need to be. Sometimes when you're walking around the city and your eyes just can't take the brightness anymore, these babies are the first thing you'll be wishing you brought with you.


What is on my face that day, is what I rely on to bring with me. But I'm using an example of if I were to be out for a longer period of time.

5. This is my current go-to eyeshadow. Look out for a review that will be coming soon! It's the Etude house's 'Sweet eye cupcake' in Peach and Honey. It's easy to apply this with just your finger.

6. If you read my review on this baby, you'd understand why it's one of the first makeup items to be dropped into my bag. The pearly shadow (Mykonos) is My favourite for inner eye highlighting, and the charcoal-black shadow (Shanghai) is great for contouring in the crease. The brush next to the shadows is actually a gel liner brush, but I find it perfect for creating delicate lines in the inner corners of my eyes.

7. Any lip balm is the second thing after my Modelco eyeshadows to be dropped into my bag. This one is a particular favourite of mine, Nivea's 'Essential care' lip balm. Its super hydrating and has a great scent. (trust me to comment on the scent)

8. I will always bring with me the lip products or combo I'm wearing that day. 

9. Concealer isn't something I always take, but if I'm having a particularly bad bout of acne or redness, I will.

10. From my review I'm sure you all know this is one of my favourite makeup products. I have developed quite the soft spot for BB creams. I use this just to touch up on any areas that need it throughout the day.

Small luxuries

 11. This is one of my all-time favourite hand creams. Bliss's blood orange + white pepper hand cream with macadamia oil and grape seed extract truly is bliss. 

12. Any hand cream I own really is fine, but if I feel like it, I'll bring a second "just for a variety". This one was given to me by one of my besties (thank you Jade). It's just a sample hand cream from Juicy Couture. 

13. The worse thing is when you touch something that really isn't intended to be touched (eg. dirt, spit, dust, items covered in germs, etc.). This is my current favourite hand sanitizer by bath and body works, Raspberry Pink Peony. 

All these little things...

14. This funky looking item is a hair tie. It holds your hair perfectly in place all day long. I like to carry one of these around in case of an emergency (e.g.. venturing through Saigon's Ben Thanh market. I hope I spelt that right... if so, 50 points to Gryffindor!).

15. On the go jewellery is something you will always find lurking in one of my bags. I will always have one or more pairs of earrings because I have a habit of taking them off and forgetting them in my bag.

16. Forget diamonds, bobby pins are a girls best friend! And if they were bobby pins covered in diamonds... Bobby pins are the best invention after chocolate! So of course they're chillin in my bag!

17. As I said before, I sport on-the-go jewellery. These rings are two of my favourites and are always in one of my bags. They were gifted to me by one of my amazing friends. Thanks Shelby! So I can't give you a price but I know they came from forever 21.

So thats all for today my lovelies! Have any recommendations? Comment below! Want to see more posts like these? Follow or subscribe to me! And if you tell me how to follow/subscribe to blogs in the comment section below, I will subscribe/follow yours! 
Until next time..

Lots of Love,


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