Monday, September 16, 2013

♡ Weekly Wishes - Beauty ♡

I discovered this face cleanser when reading Asma's post over on her blog Dainty Pearls on her daily routine. I'm a sucker for the body shop and I love the concept of this. Considering its from the Vitamin C range, it my just help my issue of dull skin.

Click here to check out  review of this product over on gh0stparties. I loooove the sound of this, and I am in dire need of a texturizing spray or mousse. My hair is just terrible and isn't cooperating nicely whenever I try to do something different with it. It lacks volume and its just so F-L-A-T.

Just another alternative texturizing spray I've had my eyes on..

I. freaking. love the colour of this. It reminds me of the Apocalips, and if it's just like it, I think I may need to get myself one. Right now I'm obssessing over lip products that have an application like this, or are as bold and pigmented.

I can't remember whether or not I mentioned this in my last post - wise thing would be to go check but if your as lazy as me.. you don't - but If I have, this just stresses how much I want and need this lip product from Bourjois. It looks great, and I love the whole concept of lip crayons.

I've had my eye on this range for quite some time now, and after seeing it mentioned both on Zoe's back to school video and Fleur's blog (in concealer-form) I have been doing some serious considering.

I'm unsure as to why the Bourjois bronzer and philosophy body wash did not show up in the list, so here we go.

Bourjois bronzer
I saw this on Fleur's channel somewhere and immediately fell in love. I mean, who doesn't want a makeup product that smells like chocolate? One problem? I may eat it...

Philosophy body wash
Every time (and when I say every time, I mean EVERY TIME) I go through an airport, I always have to stop and smell the philosophy range. I remember smelling this guy and oh, I fell in love instantly. So I've made a mental note to snatch it up next time I pass by.

That's it for today everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day, and I'll see you soon.
I'm currently sitting and organising out my blogging schedule, so hopefully I can get back on track with blogging.
I'm really sorry I haven't been very good, school has been catching up with me and its coming into the testing time of the term.

Until next time, Lots of love,


  1. Ooh good choices Emily :) I really want one of the YSL Glossy Stains, they look so gorgeous! xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Such a lovely blog :) I have that foundation, its defiantly worth a buy I love it, I want to try that Bumble and Bumble spray too xx

    1. Thank you for your helpful feedback and lovely comment! :) xoxo