Saturday, January 18, 2014

♡ Review: Issey Miyake's "Pleats Please" ♡

♡ Hello Everyone! ♡

I hope you're all doing well.
Today I decided to dish out two perfumes I've had long enough now to gather my opinions together. They are none other than Issey Miyake's "Pleats Please" 

I'm going to start off with the original, Eau De Toilette.

A luminous, joyful, floral bouquet whose addictive base notes combine the sweetness of vanilla layered over vibrant woody notes. A distinctive fragrance with palpable, enveloping femininity. Available in 30, 50 and 100 ml spray formats

This perfume is perfect for all my girly girls out there who are hunting for a new, different and interesting fragrance. It's a stylish and sophisticated scent, ideal for the day time. 
It has subtle fruity and woody undertones, with a strong floral scent that captures the aroma of a fresh garden. It also happens to be the only fresh yet strongly scented perfume I've come across.

I also find it lingers longer than most other eau de toilette perfumes, however I find I need to give myself another spritz towards early afternoon after a day out. 

As for the Eau de parfum version of Pleats Please, I find it has a more of a night time appropriate scent, with a more concentrated fruity scent with a slight vanillary undertone. It still has the floral scent that the Eau de toilette has but slightly varied in a richer way.

This perfume will last longer than the eau de toilette, but not by too much. 

The price is justifiable for the two fragrances (around $100 for 100ml and $60 for 50ml) as you get what you pay for. 

As if the scent isn't enough, it comes packaged in a fun, modern bottle which proves to be a gorgeous vanity decoration. To bring the "Pleat" element into the design, the cap has an interesting pleated design.

I'd love to hear your opinion on these two perfumes (and also if you know of an official name for each of them). 

Until next time,