Sunday, August 24, 2014

Platforms / Chunky Shoes // S T Y L E T A L K #3

Hello everyone!

Platforms and chunky shoes are doing their rounds at the moment in the streets and fashion industry. It's a great way for shorter girls to add some serious height and to elongate your pins. Today I've stitched together four different outfits demonstrating how you might style four different pairs of these shoes.

*Note: A lot of the brands I'm about to mention aren't likely to be reputable. I make these stylings on the website "Polyvore" and don't tend to look for brand names, only the styles I'm going for. So I apologise, and if you do happen to be interested in a piece, I'd be happy to help you find it elsewhere. 


Flatforms are a great way to add height to an outfit, but still keep things comfy and casual.


This top from Monki and pair of boyfriend jeans from Boutique1 are fresh and casual, creating a perfect foundation for this "Crisp and Clinical" outfit I've created.

I hope I'm not being derisive by choosing this "Advisory" beanie from Bank Fashion. If you're living under a rock an you're not familiar with a trend that has passed and is still loitering in Supré stores, the whole "Parental Guidance" print has proved to make itself into quite the fashion statement, and I'm not afraid (okay, possibly slightly) to admit that I'm a little (maybe like, a foot) on board the trend. It helps add to the whole crisp vibe I've tried to recreate, and keeps it nice and casual. It could definitely be opted out with a wide-brimmed felt hat or some head armour (probably what I would do) if that's more of your cup of tea.

I think accessories can only be chosen purely on personal style (same goes for the beanie above). I've picked out a lovely long length necklace, and a big, white, Victoria Beckham bag. The bag adds a touch of clinical-ness that ties in nicely with the shoes, whereas the necklace adds a bit of contrast to the very mono-attitude of the outfit. The circular, black sunnies provide a fun statement and reinforce the chilled vibe.


Chunky heels, when styled correctly, can do some serious favours for girls who want to create the illusion of longer legs (or help to highlight their length). 


For this black, chunky sandal I've decided to go with keep it basic, and add a fun pop of colour with a gorgeous kimono. This outfit was loosely based off an outfit Zoe (from Zoella) wears.

To ensure that no clashes happen in this outfit, I've chosen a black singlet crop and some faux leather skinnies as base pieces to help the black floral kimono make a statement.

As for accessories, I've kept things simple with a floppy brim fedora and a medium black bag, for the same purpose the singlet and pants serve. 


Another way to wear large heels like the ones shown above is with some shorts and heavy outerwear. This, again, creates the illusion of longer legs.


The retro element comes from the diner print crop and the large, faux fur coat. To continue the trend, I chose a pair of high-waisted, cuffed denim shorts.

For accessories, I've chosen a soft leather small satchel.


The shoe:
If you're someone who isn't ready to graduate from your comfortable collection of closed platforms, I bring to you a shoe that meets halfway. I've seen this everywhere on blogs, and they are none other than the gorgeous "Shoe Cult Rising Up" (mouthful or what?) heel from Nasty Gal. 

For my forth and final look, I've paired a checkered skirt and a gingham printed crop for a fun mix of patterns and shades to bring you a schoolgirl chic outfit. 

As for accessories, a fun fedora and pair of ray bans seemed fitting.  

Tell me what you think of these looks and this new series! And comment which outfit was your fav!

Lots of love,