Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favourites

Hello lovely humans!

I always marvel at how fast months can past but September was definitely the one to swing by the fastest. I've tried and tested a lot of new products this month also, and have rounded a few of them up to show you lot!

I'm not going to discuss the Damaged Hair Reconstruction shampoo and conditioner by Sunsilk, as I've already reviewed it in my new "Battle of the Washes" series which you can find here

Bit of a random one here but its not a usual happening that I fall in love with a hand wash...well "falling in love" could be a slight exaggeration but you get the point. 
Palmolive brought out a new/improved moisturising foaming hand wash line which don't dry out your hands like many other hand soaps/washes do. I'm also a sucker for anything foaming so I was sold instantly before I'd even taken a whiff of the fragrances. 
I've now managed to work my way through the whole line and have decided on my two favourite scents (which wasn't hard to do really). The fig and coconut fragrance has a lovely, sweet aroma of the aforementioned fruits. The Jasmine scent is just as beautiful with a lovely light perfume of...get this... jasmine flower which is one of my fav scents ever. 

One thing I'm rather self conscious of is my teeth. They're genetically slightly yellowed, and ever since I've had braces they've been difficult to manage with my usual routine of using a whitening toothpaste. Luckily, my best friend (whom you can check out in my latest video...ooh so much self promotion) brought over some of Crest's 3D Whitening strips for us to use. I've forgotten to tell her until now that she's left them behind so...uh...hey Jade uh I may have forgotten to give these back to you. I'll make it up to you with a cool Christmas present ;)

Anyway, back to the product. These work a charm however they are rather harsh, especially on those with sensitive teeth - like myself. They do get rather uncomfortable after about 20 minutes of use, and I find my teeth to be awfully sensitive the day after however from that point onwards they're fine. I can get away with using a strip every fortnight, but for a better result I use them weekly. 

I'd love to hear your suggestions for whitening strips below!

I do believe I've found a new favourite concealer here. Nars's Radiant Creamy Concealer has a lovely formulation and provides a great amount of coverage. There was a period of time where I only wore this with a small amount of powder and found it to be just the correct amount of coverage whilst not looking at all cakey. It's priced at around $30 I believe here in Australia, and I'd say that it's worth every penny. 

A lipstick I've rediscovered and given a decent amount of love this month is a lipstick by Makeup Forever from the Rouge Artist in shade n43 Intense. It's a gorgeous bright red and when blends out into a nice subtle hint of red on the lips as seen above. It has a lovely creamy formulation and stays put for a fair while. 

I've never taken much notice to Savvy by DB until I was looking for an inexpensive eyebrow pencil. I found this one in taupe and have found it to be an easy colour to fill in my brows with. I believe I bought it for around $3 in Priceline, so if you're looking for a super inexpensive brow pencil, look no further! 

And now finally we have Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. I honestly think that this is my favourite palette I've ever used, and you can see why in my length review of it here

Tech Favourite: "Water logged"
I'm rather terrible at drinking water, so this app has been rather good with getting me to drink more. It's called "Water logged" and it's free on the app store. Essentially, the basic idea of this app is to log the water you drink through the day in a virtual water bottle that is full at 2000ml. It's rather satisfying to see the bottle filled! It also sends you little alerts reminding you to drink. Good stuff!

Human Favourite : Zoe Sugg 

It's no doubt that Zoe (or Zoella as most know her as) is an inspiration to many.
I'm not going to lie here, a tear or two escaped out of happiness when Zoella Beauty was launched. I've been watching Zoe for so long now, and watching her progress has been magical, and it's been great to see it all behind a screen and I'm ever so proud of her. I mean, her products sold out on the Superdrug website within 10 hours! Thats insane! I wish I could have attended her absolutely stunning launch...and I want to get my hands on that dress!
Zoe proves that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.
(And how gorgeous was Dan at her beauty launch?)

What were some of your September favs? 

Until next time, lots of love,

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