Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tresemme Keratin Smooth and John Freida Frizz Ease // R E V I E W

*I'd like to begin with apologising for the horrible-grammar infested piece of writing you're about to read. I'm supposed to have two pieces of work done for school I haven't started on but wanted to get this post up...my priorities need sorting out but hey, blogging is soothing for my soul. 

Bonjour lovely people of the internet! I hope you're well,

I'm absolutely horrible to my hair. I straighten my hair every day for school (with an incredible hair straightener I plan on reviewing very soon, keep an eye out for it! If it's up, click here) and can't leave the house without heat treating it. This results in split ends, dry hair and a very sad and angry self. My hair is just much too puffy and frizzy to do anything other than that. Even when I straighten my hair it's still slightly frizzy by the end of the day. I've been on the hunt for a good heat protection spray for ages now, and have finally found two strong competitors. 

I do believe that this is probably the winner out of the two. Not only does it beat the frizz, it also smells awesome, and leaves my hair feeling uber soft. The product distribution is okay, but like most hair spray products, I will put a bit in my hands and run it through my hair that way, beginning at the ends. 

It's also rather inexpensive, lasts for months (if you're an everyday user like myself) and can be found easily in all stores. 

I became a little hesitant with John Freida products after hearing that most don't get the bang for their buck. I seem to have luckily scored here however, and have discovered yet another heat spray that is wonderful to my untameable waves. Just as the name suggests, the John Freida Frizz Ease protecting spray does, in fact, ease the frizz. Whilst it doesn't leave my hair feeling as soft as the Tresemme one does, it does still smoothen and nourish my sad, sad hair. 

All in all, the heat spray I'm most happy with is the Tresemme Keratin Therapy, as my hair is left feeling a lot softer, and more protected as apposed to my hair after using the John Freida Friss Ease. 

Tell me your thoughts below! Have you used either of these products? Do you have a heat protecting spray you can recommend?

Lots of love, until next time,

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