Friday, December 19, 2014

The Green Mask by Maskd

Can you handle the sting?

Designed by experts in the beauty industry, Maskd brings to you The Green Mask, a mask -comparable with the experience of a microdermabrasion treatment - that promises to resurface the top layer of your skin and regenerate new skin cells to look and feel refreshing. 

My experienced started with the beautifully packaged samples, a lovely personal touch. There was no doubt that I was excited to give this baby a go, especially considering it's promise of refreshed, revitalised and relighted skin. 

My skin is oily/combination and rather acne prone. It's also subject to dry patches, flakiness and redness. Unfortunately I haven't taken the best of care for my skin over the years, leaving me with acne scarring also.

Upon application I felt the sting, and with my low pain tolerance I was afraid that I couldn't quite handle it. But with the repetition of the old but gold saying "beauty is pain" in my head, I winced through it for not even a minute. I decided to play it by ear for how long I left it on for, and ended up removing it after 20 minutes. Half because I forgot and half because it really did feel awesome.

Unlike other masks that tighten your skin to the point of discomfort, The Green Mask sits rather comfortably atop your skin. Only a thin layer is needed for it to work its magic, and after it's removed your skin is left feeling silky smooth.

I must say I wasn't huge on the scent, however it wasn't overly pungent and the experience of it on outweighed my care on it's fragrance.

Any spots of redness was visibly reduced, and any irritation had been soothed.

With my skin revitalised and refreshed after using this beauty, I applied my makeup to see if it's claims of improving your skin condition for makeup application. And I can confirm that that statement is true.

Retailing at $49.95 for a 50ml tube, I believe that The Green Mask would be money well spent, and I'm definitely considering purchasing one for myself...and possibly as a present for someone.

Have you used The Green Mask? What mask do you swear by?

*This post contains a product that has been sent to me for consideration

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