Saturday, June 29, 2013

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So I stewed over the question "What should my first post be?" for quite some time. I decided that if I'm going to be sharing all of my tips and reviews on items behind a screen, I should at least give you guys a little inside on to who I am and why I'm doing what I am.

I'm 14 (going onto 15) years young, and have a passion for all things beauty. Now I'm not in it for the vanity, I'm in it for the art. I love testing out new shades of eyeshadows to see which complements my eyes the most, or trying out new ways on contouring my face.

My discovery of the world of the beauty bloggers/gurus started when I was around the ripe age of 10. I was aimlessly browsing through youtube when I stumbled across the bubbly beauty guru  that is none other than 'Bubzbeauty'. Lindy introduced me into this amazing world, teaching me many interesting ways on how to do my makeup, even when I never physically owned any. My first item of makeup was an eyeshadow palette I recieved in the Australian magazine 'Dolly'.
I had so much fun testing out my new knowledge with smoky eyes. Then I obtained a concealer (one that has made me scared to venture further into the concealer world as it is just so amazing - Covergirl truconceal).
So my makeup collection began to grow, as I continued to test out them all, both with a little help from youtube beauty bloggers and my own imagination.
Now I'm not going to lie, i certainly had my fair share of beauty fails. For example, one christmas my Dad bought me the Body Shop's baked bronzers. Now these things are packed with glitter, and my face is quite oily, so I wore this thing all over my face to "reduce my shine". Well, I may have eliminated one kind of shine but i certainly made myself look a little like Edward Cullen with the amount of glitter i had on my face. My mum then made me remove it and told me it was for my cheeks only. I should have listened to her, because soon after my forehead broke out like crazy!

So this is just a little snippet of my stories and about myself. So to learn a little more, and to find out what products are my favourites, keep an eye out!

Lots of love,

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