Sunday, June 30, 2013

♡ Maybelline BB cream review ♡

Hello again! 

Yay! My first product recommendation. Lets hope its not too embarrassing to look back on...

My first amazing product that I'm highly recommending is the amazing BB cream from Maybelline. The 'Clear Smooth, 8-in-1 skin transformer'.

"Our instant skin perfecting cream is a perfect blend of 8 mineral ingredients. Our unique shade instantly improves and perfects your skin:
  • brightens skin: visible whitening effect
  • Covers imperfections: reduces the appearance of pores, and skin redness disappears
  • Moisturises + Protects: all day hydration + helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radical
Clinically proven. No oil. No fragrance. No pore clogging. Suitable even for sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested." 

I purchased this BB cream around 5 months ago. These are amazingly cheap (around $8), but i'm still left wondering about the price. As you may be able to tell, the bottle is quite small, measuring 18ml. But really, the price is forgotten when you fall in love with it. 
I must admit, at first I wasn't hooked. The main reason being the shades. It comes in six different shades, and the two above are the most popular: 01 Fresh, 02 Natural. The first shade I purchased was 02 natural. I can't use this at school, as it is quite unnatural looking. I prefer the lighter option. I have realised that the difference in these two formulas is a little different. 
The lighter of the two has a thinner formula, perfect for the 'No makeup' feel, and also a perfect option for school wear. However, it does not give as good of coverage.
The darker is a tad thicker, and has better coverage. 

Now so far the bottle hasn't lied. It does mention that it gives a visible whitening effect which I must disagree to. However, for the most part, it does do a good job at evening out your skin tone, concealing the majority of red areas (Not acne however), and is quite moisturising . 

The picture above shows the difference in colour. The left is 'Fresh' and the right being 'Natural'

This BB cream is perfect for travelling, being well and truly under the 100ml allowance, hydrating and providing a nice amount of coverage. I think that this BB cream would be amazing in the summer time as it is so light and refreshing, and quite nice in the winter time due to its hydration.

All in all, I recommend this product to all the students out there wanting something a little more than your average foundation or tinted moisturiser. I'd love to hear some of your BB cream/foundation or tinted moisturiser recommendations below!

Lots of Love,

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