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♡ My current lipstick favs ♡

♡ Hello lovelies! ♡

So I've never really been the biggest lipstick wearer. However, I've got a soft spot for these two I'm about to talk about. They are nothing alike, therefore I can't quite place myself into an lipstick lovers category just yet.. still in the early days. I must admit, I'm a little nervous to venture into the world of lipsticks, and not just because it'll do a little damage to my wallet.

So let's go ahead and dive right on into it!
So it's pretty hard to see the cute packaging of this first lipstick, but I guess it's an indicator of how freaking much I love it. Now i've stopped wearing this on a daily basis (since I'm a student maybe more of a week-end basis...) because I want to preserve it. Gross maybe, but hey, I do love this lipstick. The last picture I've posted is a swatch of this beauty, so if you want to go ahead and check it out!
So, back to the packaging. It's from the 'Beauty Crush' line by Victoria Secret, and it's amazing. I can't remember the exact price of it but i believe it was around $5-$10. 

Alrighty now time for some pros and cons.
Obviously the first pro is its colour. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love it. At first application however, it does wash out my skin a little. So I just lightly swipe away a very fine layer with my finger and voila! 
It's not a matte lipstick either, and has a tad bit of sparkle. Its leans towards the chunkier glitter time in contrast to your shimmery lipsticks. This is perfect if your not a fan of lip glosses.
Another odd but awesome feature of this lipstick is what it leaves you with as it wears off during the day. Now I'm not saying its a bright pink, but it does leave you with a very subtle pop of pink, nothing like its original peachy-coral-nude colour. 
The lasting power of this lipstick isn't huge, but if I was to spend about five hours in the city, I'd only have to reapply once.

I apologize for how small this picture is but here's the name of this gorgeous product: Grape fruity. (FYI, this lipstick is amazing underneath Stila's Grape Fruit. ironic hey?)
This lipstick is amazing for an everyday summer look. 

Okay so now for my darker daring lipstick. I spotted this when I was buying a BB cream, and really spent a solid 5 minutes debating whether or not I wanted it. I caved in and bought it anyway, with a reasoning of wanting to step out of my comfort zone. It's a build able lipstick, so even if your not a fan of it after purchase, a light application of it leaves you with a very nice and natural stained pink lip look. 
So now for the name. It's from the Maybelline Colour Sensational line, and I must say, the name cannot describe it any better. I was swatching a lot of the lipsticks from this line that day, and the colours really are sensational. The formula is amazing also. Its not very drying, which is perfect for me as my lips are crazy dry.  
OH, and the SCENT! Yes, this lipstick has an AMAZING scent. It smells like coconut and vanilla, two of my favourite all time scents! 

Now for the disadvantages.... I honestly cannot think of many. My only "thumbs-down" would be how much of the lipstick you get, and how messy it is with application. But I guess the latter is just my own doing and I really can't blame anyone. 
As for the quantity, I was left a little unhappy, as it's quite on the small side. But it's definitely not going to stop me from repurchasing it. 

So here's the name of the stunner: shade 160, Fifth ave. Fuchsia. 

My main inspiration of trying our a dark lipstick was from Zoella. She rocks an amazing red lip, and as I wasn't yet ready for such a leap into the bolder lip world, I started off on the edge.
This pink has some bluey undertones to it (however the picture below suggests otherwise, I promise you it is blue under-toned), which means that it will complement your smile. If you teeth aren't a perfect white, then opt for lipsticks with blue under-tones. Yellow under-tones only bring out the yellow in your teeth.
And another thing is that I have braces, and I'm really not willing to show them off to the world, however this lipstick is surprisingly complementing to them... strange.

Any way, here's a swatch of the two on the back of my veiny hand. The colour is slightly off with the Maybelline lipstick but the boldness of the pink is accurate. 

Keep your eye out for more posts!

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