Sunday, July 7, 2013

♡ Dress to Impress ♡

♡ Hello Lovelies! ♡

Ugh, ok. So I was pretty excited, to tell you the truth.  I had a shoot all planned up. I was going to go outside, and take pictures of these lovely dresses about a week ago. I waited for the tripod to arrive, and when it did, we've had none stop rain. So I had to mimic good weather up in a stuffy, hot room with a sheet as a background. But I still had fun! 

This post is all about how I (and you can) style my dresses for summer and winter. 

Dress: Myer $40, Necklace: Gifted
Ring: Accessorise ($5), Wallet: Kate Hill $20, Bag: Kate Hill $20 
For the Summer styling of this dress, I decided to keep it simple, as the dress is beautiful on its own. A simple dainty necklace draws attention to the higher neckline, which does a great job at shaping your shoulders (if thats possible). For both the looks, I showed a clutch option, and a handbag option. I'm most likely to use the handbag.
Jacket: Jay Jays $30, Wallet: Kate Hill: $20
To give off the "Rock Chic" vibe, I opted for this biker-style jacket to give a little edge to the outfit. To bring a little fun into the outfit, I used my Kate Hill coral wallet to add a pop of colour.
Dress: Ally $15 (original price: $30)
As soon as I laid my eyes on this beautiful dress, I was in love. It incorporated all of my favourite trends from that summer: ombre, mullet style and the mesh/netting component. It was half price at one of my favourite Australian stores so I had to get it.
Necklace: Forever21 (S$20), thick bangle: gifted, blue bangles: Diva (pack, $5), silver bangles: Accessorise (pack, $7)
This would probably have to be my favourite styling as it is something I wear a lot. I think layering necklaces is particularly nice with dresses like this. However, If your dress has a mesh/netted waistline, make sure none of your necklaces hit or drop below it. As for arm candy, I started off with the thick, futuristic styled bangle, and layered on blue and silver bangles to match my dress. I kept it simple with a clutch, making sure to not draw any attention away from the dress.
Jacket: Jeanswest ($60)
Something oversized and comfy-looking is perfect for a dress like this. Mullet styled and maxi dresses with big, thick jumpers look incredible in my opinion.
Please note, this is 100% fake fur, and I do not support using real fur in any way, no exceptions. 
This jacket is particularly comfy and thick, perfect for those freezing cold days. However, this dress may not be. So this outfit may be better suited for cooler winter nights, or winter days where it's a little warmer.
Dress: Gifted (brand is called 'Showgirl' however) Cardigan: Jay Jays ($20) 
Why "The curtain dress" might you ask? Well, of course you're asking. No, it's not called the curtain dress, that was a nickname given to the particular style by my friend's Dad (Yes I still remember that story Sonia). You can't see properly, but its the dress where there are pieces of ribbon/string all around the dress, and you tug those strings and the dress becomes shorter. The more you tug, the short the dress, a bit like drawing curtain strings, hence the nickname. The shortest it becomes is about an inch above your knees. However, the shortened version looks a bit like a puffy white wedding cake...not my piece of cake (ha.ha.ha...ah i need to improve my jokes). The dress on its own is enough for the summer time, with a dainty necklace. The bodice is an accessory itself with its beading. I think this dress in Winter is more for those living in a warmer climate. Jackets and coats can be worn but I think cardigans are much nicer. This one from Jay Jays was perfect. You can mix around with the colours too, maybe a coral or turquoise for a bit of colour?
Dress: Sportsgirl ($60), Bag: Kate Hill ($20)
As Lauren Conrad says, every girl needs an LBD (Little Black Dress), and here is mine. I purchased this cheeky item for a school Spring dance, so if you're looking at the price and thinking why would a girl my age make a purchase that large, thats why. I think the shape it gives you is gorgeous, synching you at the waist and perfecting your décolletage. There is a high, mesh neckline to keep your innocence also, which is quite a nice touch. For my first, very simple look, I wore the same bag I used in my first dress's styling, for a subtle pop of colour.
Bag: Longchamp 
I don't know why but the whole "Oversized bag in the crook of your elbow" instantly reminds me either of a busy fashion magazine editor (specific, I know) or a primadona. As the dress isn't really a day dress, this look would be more suited to a casual night out. However, if you wanted to, there is nothing stopping you wearing this during the day. I wore this owl necklace to bring a little contrast to the outfit, and not to mention, its super cute.
Necklace: Diva ($20), Bracelet: Diva (pack, $15), Wallet: Kate Hill ($20)
Sometimes it's fun (who am I kidding, it's always fun) to add pops of colour to a plain dress. I think neon or bold colours are perfect on a black dress as it stands out so much more. I went for a colour theme of corals and a blue. This statement necklace paired with the bangle and clutch were just right.
Dress: Gifted, Silver Bangles: Accessorise (pack $7) Blue bangles: Diva (pack, $5), Beaded bracelet: market ($2)
Forget pink, blue is a colour that is very pretty to wear, you just have to find the right shade. For summer, if you wanted a necklace, a dainty one is all that is needed. I wore some simple arm candy to match the blue in my dress, and a cream clutch that doesn't draw the attention way from the dress. In the winter time, a warm thick jacket is all that needed, because with the lace skirt of the dress showing underneath, it's still pretty. Bolder colours throughout the year are fun to wear. Don't limit your bold colours to the summer time either.

Thats all for today everyone. I hope your day is/was lovely! Please comment below any suggestions for my next post. Maybe something to do with beauty? A routine or makeup look? Until next time..

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  1. I love the jacket with the first outfit! So chic, gorgeous dresses and the photos are great, I could never get inside shots to look to good!!

    1. Thank you :) haha, and the miracles of a white sheet and a bit of outside light

  2. I love that chunky blue necklace! I need one!!

    1. This one unfortunately falls apart all the time :( but yeah, I love it to :) great way to instantly dress up any outfit :) xoxo

  3. Oh wow!i love your ombre dress!the black dress looks so nice too!:)

    1. Thank you! Yes I'm quite lucky to have found them :)