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♡ July Empties ♡

Hello lovelies!
Well here I am again! I'm sorry I haven't been posting regularly, slap on the hand. Thing is, I've been busy lapping up this lovely, cool weather (not something you hear everyday). See, thing is, I love rainy weather and winter time. Don't get me wrong, I still love the sunshine and the summer time, but there is just something about the thought of winter that makes me happy. If you we're a zombie who can't feel the cold, and stepped into the Gold Coast, you wouldn't believe it's winter. The skies are generally clear most days, and the sun shines brightly. Also, luckily for me, our apartment is located only a hop, skip and a jump (not literally) away from the ocean! So my morning view is the lovely waves of Burleigh Heads rolling in to shore. I've also been lucky enough these last few days to spend time with family that I haven't seen for ages, and watch and play with my baby cousin 
So these photos were taken around two weeks ago, so that means that I am once again posting on an iPad (not on the blogger app this time. Please feel free to give me tips on how to use it below), and therefore cannot enlarge the pictures... Oh wait! Yes! YES! I'VE DONE IT! WHOOP WHOOP! Alright time for me to quit the rambling and start showing you guys the products I've used up over the past couple of months. I plan on doing each of these posts maybe seasonally (like Fleur of fleurdeforce) or whenever I feel I have collected enough. So without further ado, let's get started! 

There is a lot here, so maybe just look at the pictures and if you land on a product you're interested in, read on. If your in for a scan read, then below the description and image, I have bolded my rating and whether or not I'll be repurchasing it.

My first product here is the R&B phyton therapy hairspray in hard. R&B is a Korean brand, therefore harder to get your hands on in some places in the world. I haven't yet found it in Australia. However, if you stumble across this product, I recommend giving it a go. If you're living in Vietnam also, these are in some supermarkets (that's where I found this). After doing further research on this product, I discovered that Amazon and EBay sell R&B.
A "Phyton" is the smallest part of a plant, and can be removed and used to grow into a new plant. This may indicate, that this product helps to strengthen your hair, and possibly promote hair growth
I haven't found much of a difference in my hair from this hairspray, but I do like to use it. It's kinder to your hair, and isn't too sticky and smelly, and doesn't leave your hair feeling overly crunchy
Rating:  3/5
Repurchase?: maybe

Now for more R&B products. Here I have the phyton therapy "herb styling gel" and "Olive Acid Shampoo". 

 So as my previous product was a styling product, let's move on to the next styling item.
The Herb Styling Gel for me has been good. I can't say it was impressive, but it sure has been useful. The solution is a greeny-blue, but dries clear. The scent is a little off putting, but that's just in my personal opinion. 
A little goes a long way, and it dries your hair quite hard, but that's what you should expect when using hair gel any way. I think it's useful in situations where you don't want to use an aerosol or you don't want to bring a hairspray can. 
Rating: 3/5
Repurchase: yes

 The R&B Olive Acid Shampoo has been great, and not just for me. After about a week of my mum using it, she noticed her hair was a lot softer. This made me want to give it a go. I use it twice a week to clarify my hair. It does a great job at really cleansing the scalp free of oil, sweat and dirt from the day 
The scent isn't too strong, but giving it a whiff before using it may be ideal if your picking with fragrances.
Rating: 4/5
Repurchase: yes

Boc Ton classic cosmetic pads for face and eyes
I've been really impressed with these cotton pads for the past couple months. 
Please comment below if you know where to get them, along with your country.
I purchased these in Vietnam in my local supermarket for only $1.50. These are claimed to be made in France, and I tried researching the, but I had no luck. So commenting below will be helpful!
These pads are two sided, one "exfoliating" side for the face, and the other a softer side for the eyes. I can't say that the face side is exfoliating at all, but it does do a great job at cleaning everything off your face. The eyes side is perfect also, and are as soft as they claim to be. These cosmetic pads are very convenient, especially for me. For a while I had been buying two kinds of cotton pads, a softer and a rougher. The softer were obviously for my eyes, but whenever I used them for removing facial makeup, they would begin to fall apart. The rougher, stronger cotton pads were no use on my eyes, and always scratched my lids, which was quite painful, and therefore making the process of applying eye makeup virtually impossible.
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase: yes

The Body Shop vanilla bliss shower gel
I'll be honest, I love purchasing products that are kind to the environment, and promote human rights. The Body Shop have been a proud sponsor of the 'fair trade' program, which advertises that their product haven't used child labour, and that the labour are treated fairly. The body shop also don't test on animals, and as an "animal activist" myself, I always feel proud of myself after a Body Shop purchase. So thumbs up to the Body Shop for creating that image for themselves!
Now time for the product
This is seriously the most amazing scent in the world (I say for now, but that may be an exaggeration). It seriously is "vanilla bliss". This was one of their holiday lines at Christmas time, but must have been extended, and is no longer limited edition. Whenever I smell this product, my memories of Christmas time are brought back. It smells of freshly baked vanilla flavored treats, what more could you want?
The shower gel itself lathers up quite nicely, and you are left feeling clean, and smelling great.
The scent lingers for a little while, which isn't usual for me. It will generally last for up to an hour or two. 
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase: yes

Epiduo 0.1%/2.5% gel
I debated whether putting this product up was worth it, as it is a prescribed acne gel. But then I thought of how helpful this product is, and how well one of it's ingredients works for me. I think I might do a post on what products I use for acne, and this will be reviewed. So comment below if you're interested in that. The two ingredients are adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is literally my holy grail for treating acne, and acne's biggest nightmare.
Benzoyl peroxide works by killing all the bacteria within a pimple
It's partner chemical 'adapalene' works by reducing redness and inflamation.
Their website has a further, in depth description:
I have discovered that this can be purchased in a pump bottle, which would be a lot more easier to use than this tube. 
It's a little on the pricey side, but I believe it's worth it if you're tired of acne. 
And a little goes a very long way, and just application once a day (preferably at night) is all that's needed.
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase?: yes

Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 skin transformer BB cream
I have already reviewed this product in depth, so go check it out here:
This BB cream is great, and part of my current everyday makeup routine. 
This BB cream provides light-medium coverage (depends on the shade), as well as a sufficient amount of moister, and SPF. 

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase: yes

Yves Rocher Pure calmille day and night moisturizer
 This Yves Rocher moisturizer is a love/hate product. You're either going to love it, or hate it. For me, I love it for a night cream. It's a little heavy for a day cream for me. If your skin is oily like mine, I think its light enough to be a good night cream, but a tad bit too heavy for a say cream, but if your skin is dry, its a great cream for either. The clever pun for a name is fairly correct: "Calmille" (Calming Chamomille). 
For this purpose, it is yet another little nice addition to aid sleeping. 
It's quite refreshing, leaving your face feel softer and more cleaner after it's use. 
I would recommend asking for a sample before use of it, as it may irritate your skin

Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase?: maybe

Aēsop mandarin facial hydrating cream
And now we plunge on in to the highly priced products.
For 60ml, expect to pay $49 and for 120ml $67
The only reason I am put off by Aēsop is because of their prices, but it makes a nice gift, however.
This moisturizer leaves your skin feeling smoother, fresher and softer. Because of how lightweighted it is, it makes a perfect daily cream. But I preferred to use it on the days I like to treat myself.

Rating: 4/5 (could have been higher if it wasn't for its pricing)
Repurchase: No (once again, too high of a price for me)

Schearzkopf Extra Care Hair repair, cell repair mask
(now that's a mouthful)
This hair mask is truly incredible. Unlike the product above, it is really great for its pricing. It's only around the $2 mark, yet it leaves your hair feeling thousands of dollars (I don't mean literally, hair can't feel). And that is why this mask landed itself in my monthy favorites.
It's scent is incredible, seriously incredible. It's amazing, I love it.
How much softer and more healthy it makes your hair is outstanding. After my first use my hair already felt amazing. You can just imagine after a straight month of using it made it
As for how much you need to use it, two to three times a week is all that's needed. It's really up to you.
And the amount you use on your hair is also up to you, but I like to use rich amounts. And yes, ok, maybe I use a lot for the scent, but using larger amounts makes your hair feel crazy amazing, like silk. 

Rating: 6/5
Repurchase: yes (allday erryday)

Nivea visage Daily Essentials extra gentle eye make-up remover
Nivea has never been a brand that I have been incredibly fond of, or that I gravitate to, but I loooove this eye makeup remover. Another bonus is that it's not one you have to shake to blend in the separate solutions, and isn't very greasy/oily, which means using it on your face is ok (but I will still cleanse after).
It efficiently removes makeup quite quickly, meaning that's it's awesome for impatient people like me. 
The formula is great for people with sensitive skin, as it's very gentle, and, again, leaves no greasy residue. 
The price is great also, and very much worth it. It's below $10, and the amount to match the price is fair.

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase: yes

That's it for today everyone! Be sure to look out for part two! There was just too many to fit into this post. Until next time...
Lots of love,


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