Monday, July 15, 2013

♡ Travelling OOTD ♡

♡ Hellooo lovelies! ♡

Uh...okay Emily.

I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous. I love travelling, but I hate the stress it brings on. I'm not best friends with airplanes, but so that my flight can be a little more enjoyable, the first step is to wear clothes that feel as comfy as possible on you. 

When travelling, stick to soft, warm, and less tight clothes. I chose this t-shirt I found on sale in Esprit (you'll see more of it later) to match with my fun, comfy tights I bought for $20 in supre (Is it just me or is the prices going up in there?). For extra warmth, I'm wearing this cardigan for $15 from Jay Jays, some headbands and hair ties on my wrist in case I want to tie up my hair, and two necklaces of different lengths for some added bling. 

I couldn't NOT buy these tights... I'm a sucker for floral! I must admit, for suprè they are a little pricey, but I'm not complaining.
What is it with that owl always being the wrong way?
So here's the tshirt. My favourite element of this top is probably the lace that starts in the front and goes out across the top of the back. The material is nice and soft, and baggy, therefore scores points in comfort, and the colour is great.
For jewellery, I'm wearing this necklace I purchased from forever 21 for $15 (I believe), and a shorter, daintier necklace I received as a christmas gift.
When it comes to airplanes, the first thing most of us thing is cold. I like this cardigan because it allows movement, yet hugs you, keeping you warm.
Real cool...
I take the Duck face to a whole new level...
BEANIES! I love them on airplanes! Because if you don't want people to see you snoozing, pull it down over your face as I demonstrated in my second last picture! Plus they keep your noggin nice and warm! Oh, and if you're hair likes to go all messy on you, well you'll be glad you have this little guy.

I received this scarf in a magazine. Unfortunately, it was one of those long ones. So to make it into a circle scarf (My favourite kind of style), just tie a knot and...
Pull it over your head..
Wrap it around your neck twice!
And bravo, you look fab and you're neck is warm. This will prevent waking up with a sore neck when you get off your flight.
Makeup-wise, I like to keep a fresh face, with BB cream, a little powder and a little bronzer. Finish off with some highlighting in your inner corner with white eyeshadow, and line above your lashes in the outer part with some black or dark eyeshadow to create the illusion of fuller lashes.
Then, sweep on some mascara! Doing you're brows is optional. I like to straighten my hair on flights, as it is more manageable for the next day.

So thats it folks!
I'm actually headed off to Australia tonight which I'm both excited and nervous for! So look forward to some posts whilst I'm over there! Until next time....
Lots of love,


  1. I go travelling loads but can never decide upon a perfect 'flying outfit' this helped loads though!

  2. Such a fab traveling outfit hun! The tights are to die for, I adore anything floral as well and these are so perfect! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Thank you gorgeous! Oh me too! I'm a sucker for floral. xx

  3. I love the detailing in that top :) so pretty! And that hat is gorgeous too :) perfect travelling outfit! Xxx

  4. Thank you for you're lovely comment Nikki :) xx

  5. really cute floral leggings and love your beanie!

    Check out my latest post featuring new sunglasses! :)

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