Thursday, July 18, 2013

♡ Whats in my carry-on ♡

Hello everyone!
I'm currently waiting in the large Changi airport in Singapore, as my flight has been delayed a whopping three hours (yay me!). After killing two hours in Starbucks and browsing through numerous stores that would take me ages to save up enough money to buy half the things I want, my mother, brother and I have all retreated to a "resting" area. It's 1:20 in the morning, and I've just finished a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha frappuccino (which was a lot of sugar for me in these wee hours of the morning. Whoever created this ungodly hour is insane.) so I figured with all this caffeine in my system better make good use of it by showing you all the contents of my carry on bag. May I remind you I'm trialling out the blogger app on my iPad (so far a 2 stars, doesn't give you stats, can't enlarge you're pictures.. etc), therefore this post isn't as "cool-looking" as it could be. I'll edit it properly when I arrive in Bris Vegas. 

I actually purchased a neck pillow that I gave a trial run with on my last flight, and It really wasn't that comfy. My pillow pet (Violet is her name) never lets me down. So of course she has deserved her well-earned spot on the flight and on our vacations.

My long champ bag is my current traveling fav. It accommodates enough products, and encourages me to really consider all the items I'm bringing. It also well and truly fits up to two thick books, my iPad and a jumper which is perfect for me. And not to mention its quite nice looking also :D

now time for the contents of my bag. As you can see down the bottom of the lot, I have sealed my smaller items off into zip-lock bags. One of them is a requirement though. I'll go through those in the next two pictures. And everything else is further down.

So from the picture above, the zip-lock bag on the left of the two is what accommodates the products above. Starting off with some cotton pads (my absolute favorite, double sided - one for sensitive surfaces, eg. Eyes, and an exfoliating side - cotton rounds from Boc ton classics). I wouldn't bring the whole thing normally, however there was only a few left in this packet, so I brought the packaging any way. I use these to remove my makeup, as well as apply my toner. 

As I said in my "What's in my bag?" post, I love the conveniency of breath mints, particularly if you are flying and don't have access to your fav toothbrush and toothpaste (sigh). 

I bring this particular eyeshadow with me when travelling because it is the easiest to apply with your finger. I use the peachy color across my lid, and even a little across the apples of my cheeks for color, and the glittery honey shade lightly dusted over the peach color for a subtler colour, or on your cheek and brow bones for highlighting. This is Étude house's sweet eye cupcake in "Peach and Honey" (and you thought I was being clever and coming up with a description and name for those colors myself).

I prefer the "shaded" (excuse my lack of creativity of describing products) powder as opposed to translucent powder as it provides me even more coverage. But if you're lucky with an even skin tone, try to use translucent powder to avoid cakiness. Also if you're skin isn't as oily, or you prefer a dewy finish, even better! You can skin this guy all together. This is maybellines loose face powder in light.

I use The Body Shop's face and body brush for the airplane as I'm only using it for my face powder. I love this brush especially because it is just so soft (however, I wouldn't mind trialling one of those Hakuhodo brushes). 

All of these liquids are under the 100ml allowance, but I will still list their amount.

You know what is yucky? Being somewhere and wanting to sanitize you're hands but not having something to do so. And especially being an airport where you can catch a cold faster than you can say "Demazin", hand sanitizer is a life saver (maybe a little dramatic). Also, having a hand sanitizer with a nice, light, fresh scent won't hurt either...

My favorite place other than a sleepover with a bestie to trial face masks? Airplanes. With the coolness of your cabin, pulling in a face mask and letting it seep into your skin, as well as providing moisture, it's almost like a spa (Almost with a capital A-L-M-O-S-T). This face mask is a cheap one from "Dermal" which is Green Tea flavored.

I don't always have sample products, but when I do, I like keeping them to test out up in the airplane. I have two with me today, a Clinique firming cream, and L'oreal's repair BB cream (which I'm very much excited for). 

BB CREAM: 30ml
BB creams are great because the majority if them contain SPF (yes, you still need SPF on whenever in airplanes. It makes sense, as you are closer the sun. You can still get burnt! If not, more easily!) and moisturizing properties. And if you're lucky, you'll have a BB cream that provides awesome coverage. It can generally double up as both an under eye concealer, and a little more over blemishes to conceal them more efficiently also. And of course my BB cream is the Maybellines Clear Smooth one.

Now I guess this isn't really an essential, but mascara is one of my favorite makeup items, as it really helps to open up your eyes. Try to opt for a water and smudge proof one. This is the waterproof formula of the Falsies volume express mascara.

I would have skipped this item if my skin didn't hate me so much at the moment. Plus, I'm flying and my skin strongly disapproves of flying. This is the Clean&Clear active clear pimple gel.

Again, just a nice thing to have at hand.

I am a serious hotel sample hoarder, and guess what Mum and Dad? They actually all get used! Well, at least the good ones. 

Guys, this (or, in fact, any other of your favorite cleansing water) is literally my flying holy grail. It removes your makeup, and cleanses and refreshes your skin easily. I transfer my BIODERMA into a small container. 

TONER: 15ml
This is a small version of the Āesop parsley seed toner. There isn't any reason for me using this other than it being under 100ml's in size. I like toners as they are another nice thing to use to freshen your face up.

This is a sample from Proactive, the green tea moisturizer. I must admit, I do quite like this guy. And the reason as to why I need a moisturizer is pretty obvious: airplanes suck the moister out of you like crazy.
Good reading material (ahem, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Warm Bodies, any John Green novel...) is essential, especially for those longer flights. I'm currently re-reading the whole Harry potter series for the fifth time, and I'm up to Goblet of Fire. Loving it!

My iPad is pretty handy, especially now that I have a blog to work on! Also for games and reading (if your an iPad reader.)

A phone is pretty useful to of course, if you plan on getting places.

My parents told me its good to bring things like chargers in case your luggage gets lost. 
I have two "listening devices", ear phones from apple and beats by dr. Dre

Wallet to hold money: for obvious reasons
A hair brush, to attempt to tame unruly hair and brush out pesky knots.

And lastly, a jumper for those long, cold flights!

Until next time,
Lots of love,


  1. I love these type of posts! Your pillow pet is super cute, I have the same one! :D

    1. Haha yay! Pillow pet twins! Haha, yes she sure is! xxx

  2. Love this post (I'm so nosey) I love your bag and your pillow pet! my niece has it :) xo

    Sinead |

    1. Haha thank you gorgeous. No need to apologize for being nosey! I'm equally as nosey over on your fab blog :)
      And ah I love my pillow pet, "she's" amazing. Xxx