Tuesday, July 9, 2013

♡ What's in my beach/pool bag ♡

 ♡ Hello Lovelies! ♡

I hope your day has been great :) Mine certainly has. It started off with a bike ride with one of my best friends to a tea house and vegetarian delights restaurant, followed by a bike ride around my area, popping into boutiques and furniture stores. After a long bike ride back in the rain, we decided to jump on into the pool, so I decided to take some pictures of some of my pool/beach things that I bring with me! I don't usually take everything here, but these can definitely come in handy...

Bag from Longchamp
Obviously I'm going to need a bag to hold all of my things in. I particularly like this bag, because it has a stronger material and is waterproof. 

Phone case: Market, Wallet: Kate Hill
Now for the essentials. If I'm going to be further away from the house, I will need these things. If it's just a pool, my phone is enough, but if I'm going down to the beach, some money to have handy in my bag is good. You never know if you're going to see that dress on the way home you've been wanting for ages and it's on sale, or you're dying for a drink or ice cream on a super hot day. 

Rexona women 'Shower clean all day freshness' deodorant, Banana boat 'Soothing Aloe Mist after sun spray'
I don't always take deodorant, but it's a nice thing to have just to freshen up. As for this Aloe mist...wow. Seriously, if you're a sun burner like me, this baby will be your holy grail. And, not to mention, it smells incredible. It's a mixture of aloe and vanilla with a soft hint of banana. It's also incredible for healing and soothing burnt skin, and protecting your skin from future harm in the sun.

Beats Solo HD in pink, Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets 
Now for the entertainment segment. I think there is no place better to read a book than the beach. The calming sound of the crashing of the waves, and flying seagulls over your head (it's all fun and games until you get pooped on).
Music is another nice thing to be listening to when you're on the beach, if you just want to lay back and soak in some rays (with sunscreen on) whilst listening to your favourite beats.

Hairbrush: freestyle wet and dry, clip: $2 from gift shop, Fedora: $6 gift shop
If you've watched Elle Fowler's "What's in my little black bag?!" video, you'll understand the struggle of sunbathing but the sun's in your eyes, so you use sunglasses and they're bugging you and pressing into you're face when you lay sideways etc. So thats where a hat comes in handy. Particularly a fedora or a large floppy hat. My fedora was purchased on a summer holiday in Noosa. As for the hairbrush, I'm sure the majority of you who have spent a solid couple of hours at the beach getting your hair wet understand why a hair brush is needed. A hair clip is handy for windier days or if you want to go into the water and don't want to get your hair wet (Good idea for the pool but if you don't want to get you're hair wet at the beach and want to get into the water still... I say good luck to you).

This is another option for keeping your hair out of your face. The two hair ties (And can we talk about how cool it is that I caught one on camera as it's falling?) are just from the supermarket and the headband is $5 in a pack of 4 from Diva. It's also handy to have these at ready after you've finished at the beach or pool and might want to go somewhere later. Just pull your hair up into a bun and slick back your stray baby hairs around your face with a headband and bobs your uncle. 

Maybelline 'The falsies volume express' in black drama mascara, Maybelline clear smooth BB cream in 01 fresh, The Body Shop's born lippy lip balm in raspberry. 
Makeup wise, I don't really need it unless I plan on going places after that. But even then I don't really care too much. So this is more for those times where I'm actually going somewhere else completely (not just strolling about close by boutiques or a quick dash into the local petrol station for an ice cream) like the super market or a shopping centre, when I would need these items. Of course, my BB cream is one of those things. And it has SPF 26 (bonus). I use this under my eyes and extra over any blemishes as concealer, and it's finish is nice and dewy so I don't feel the need to wear powder, which means one less item. I would prefer a waterproof mascara but I don't have one at the moment. I think mascara really does make a big difference in makeup. As for the lip balm, I hate dried lips. And after being in the sun and/or being sprayed with salt water, lip balm is a must.

Above: Clean and clear essentials moisturiser, Off! soft and scented insect repellent in Chamomille
Below: Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunscreen lotion
You know what is more drying than the sun? salt water, and when those two factors are combined, you'll be wishing for moisturiser more than ever. And if you're in an area with lots of insects, or flies are   annoying you, this is another thing you'll be grabbing for: insect repellent.
Sunscreen is another pretty obvious thing to be taking to either the beach or a pool.

Diva $10
My favourite kind of sunglasses are ray bans. In particular, the cheap ones that look like them ;)

Ok, thats it for this time guys! Please comment below you're suggestions for more posts, as well as some of your beach/pool bag essentials!
thank you for reading! :) Until next time,

Lots of Love,


  1. ohhh I really love these kind of posts! I've always thought it's so interesting to see what girls keep in ther bag haha

    Andrea xx

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