Thursday, August 29, 2013

♡ Styling: Mango shorts ♡

♡ Aloha Lovelies! ♡

Since I'm back in Vietnam, and have to slip out of the comfort of winter clothes were you can change up every outfit with a different pair of jeans, layered tops and cool jackets, and into light, summery clothing, I've been stuck for ideas.
I've decided to start this new mini-series where I will have an item of clothing, and show you different ways I style it.
Today, the item of clothing is a pair of Mango shorts. I have found these amazing, and a part of my wardrobe essentials, as they add a fun pop of colour to any outfit.

This us my first outfit. You'll recognise this supre ($20) shirt from a past OOTD. It's baggy oversized nature works nicely with this loose fitting yet straight pair of shorts. The colour really brightens the outfit, and the scalloped hem add a nice touch. 
Pair this outfit with some dainty heels or sandals, a nice necklace and nice earrings.

For a more casual look, I've thrown this Forever 21 (20 singapore dollars) top over the top, and left it un buttoned. The singlet worn underneath is from target. I tucked in the shorts, allowing the belt to show through.

I've called this look "Exotic" casual, as it is an outfit I would wear on a beach getaway. Really, the only thing that classifies it to that is the tucked in shorts and the laced vest. 
The lace vest (Avocado - found in SES -, $15) gives the look a very bohemian vibe, and a nice contrast of textures. 
Of course, as we are going along with this beachy theme, a fedora is a great idea. Particularly one that is straw. I bought this one when I was on holiday in Noosa, Queensland.

The Forest Ranger comes from unbuttoned knotted top with the pocket. I'm not sure why, it's just how I roll. 
I think this would be perfect, again, for the beach, or just on a summer holiday. I knotted the top instead of tucking it in because I found tucking it in didnt allow the outfit to flow as nicely, and it created a harsh distinction between the top of the shorts, and the end of the shirt.

Footwear can go either way for all these outfits. Really, it comes down to two categories: Casual or Dressy. 
I think Converse are the ruler of casual shoes, and these Nine West heels are very pretty, and minimalistic. 

That's it for today everyone! Comment your opinion on my stylings below in the comments, and tell me which one you prefered most.
I hope your day is or was lovely, and I'll see you in my next post.
Until next time, Lots of Love,