Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly wishes

Weekly wishes

I really want a black and white spaghetti strap flowy top, and this one fit the bill.

Hooded long sleeve shirt
$26 -

I love pandas, and when I was strolling through polyvore, and found this, onto my set it went! 

Another thing I have been debating buying is a tee with an animal on it. I found this one and I think it's quite cute! The studs are a cool touch too.

Pull Bear crop shirt
$12 -

A fun shirt, with a true saying. I sure am doing what I love - blogging.

River Island circle skirt
$27 -

I've been wanting a pencil skirt for a white. It doesn't have to be this colour, but something that Is bright would be ideal.

Cole haan

Call me a plain Jane but I really want a pair of nude, plain flats. Very nice, and easy to work with.

Since watching Zoellas summer essentials video with Louise, I have taken into account the little tip she un-meaningly dropped. I, like her, have a very black-and-white wardrobe, and a bag with a bright pop of colour would be perfect for me. I particularly like the colour of this one too.

On to the beauty wants, this is the top of my list, the Mac pro long wear foundation. I've heard fab things about this, mostly from Lauren of laurenbeautyy

Benefit makeup primer
$37 -

I've been needing a primer and I love benefit

$9.12 -

I picked this up last time I went shopping and I really liked the finish. Now it's on my wishlist.

I love the sound of this mascara and am stoked to hear it comes in a waterproof formula

I really really want a Polaroid, so I've decided to begin saving. Wish me luck!

It's a bouncy blush, no need to say any more.


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    1. Thank you love, I shall return the favour xx

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  3. Hi! I love the panda Hoodie! :)
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