Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekly wishes

Weekly wishes

Embroidered shorts

High-waisted denim shorts
$25 -

So I'm talking for all three shorts here. You may have not noticed but I've been wishing for several designs of shorts this week. I could have gone on for longer with more shorts but I nailed it down to my favourite three.

Tote bag
$25 -

I adoooooooorre this tote bag. It's so cute! Plus I'm a cat person so this is perfect for me :)

Satchel handbag

I'm a satchel kind of girl, and is is one of my favourite colours, so when I saw this I flipped. 

Comic book

Forever 21

Again I'm classing these three items as one. I've seen a lot of great iPhone cases this week, and particularly like these three. The Beemo iPhone case is so cute and very cool. As I said before, I'm a cat person and found the second case adorable. And finally, I love owls and this case has an owl on it.

I've heard just good reviews on this tinted moisturizer, mostly from Ingrid of Missglamorazzi. I've been on the looked for a good foundation, bb cream or foundation this month really. I just wish I could cave in and buy this.

Again, I've heard good reviews about these Laura Mercier products also. I love the sound of bath milk, and I'm a sucker for exfoliants.

OPI matte nail polish
$18 -

I loooooooove matte nail polish, and as soon as I see this I'm buying it.

I saw this on sale at a chemist, and I'm kicking myself for not getting it. Maybe next time...


  1. Those shorts are so lovely and the mint oxford satchel is to die for!

    Our Recipe For Happiness

    1. I know right? I really must have them. My eyes are peeled! xx

  2. Love that mint handbag! Great post!

    1. Me toooo! It's so me. Haha thank you gorgeous :) xxx