Tuesday, October 1, 2013

♡ What's in my School Bag? ♡

♡ Aloha Everyone! ♡

This post will be yet another part of my "Back to School" series. Today, I'm showing you what's inside my bag (Shown in the picture above). It, however, does not include my stationary items. This post is a little exaggerated as well, I won't take all of these items to school, but these are things that I believe would be handy to have. So to prevent babbling I'm going to start right away. 

Starting off with the boring things. 
I love having a notebook handy in all my lessons. Because I can relate to Dory when it comes to remembering things, it is essential for me to have something close by where I can jot down my homework or anything I need to study/research or remember for the upcoming weeks. 
I hate having a sour throat and no lozenges handy, and because my school is always air-conditioned and my throat is more prone to being dry and sour, I've made it a habit to carry around lozenges with me.
As for the water bottle, well...that's pretty self-explanitory.

Another self-explanitory item.
Essential for communication with my parents if a pick-up time is changed, asking friends to bring something or vice versa, apps for times of waiting and songs for the car ride home. Want to see what I've been listening to lately? Click here. 

For lunch and emergency money, impromtu shopping trips, library and school ID cards etc. also a great place to keep bobby pins and hair bands.

My retainer, essential for those who should be (and I highlight the word should) wearing them everyday.

Now time for the bag I never take to school, but if I were to bring all these items, this is what I would use. I did, however, use this when I have swim class, and when my PE classes required a shower straight after. I'm afraid I can't tell you where to buy it, and the only clue is that its from the brand "Nutri-metics". However, if you're looking for a makeup bag, I recommend Target, Sportsgirl (for Australians) and Forever21 (for Americans).

I do take this, and am very religious with doing so. One of the worst scenarios? Putting your hand in something you don't know...nuff said.

Bobby pins. No matter how many I take with me to school, I'll always come home with none. I've been trying my best to keeping them in one place but the bobby pin fairy always takes them before I get in my car to go home. These ones, however, are my favourite kind. You can get them in packs of a 1000 at Price Attack for $20. A little exy but this is a good incentive to keep them in a place you'll remember, and they do a great job at staying put and keeping that annoying strand away from your face up until you take it out yourself..

Mini body lotions are great. Generally, I'll have one from a hotel in my bag. I seriously need help, I'm the world's worst hotel sample hoarder. This "Peter Thomas Roth" brand is so far my favourite..just to let you know. This particular lotion has a nice scent too, and is surprisingly very moisturising. 

I don't usually bring concealers to school because I never have felt the need to do so. This one (as you can probably tell) is one of my favourites. It's super easy to apply, and has a good amount of coverage. 

Deodorant...does this really need explaining? This one is so cute though! It's a travel size of my favourite scent from Rexona. 

I got this sample moisturiser from my doctor, and it has proved to be quite handy. It's tiny size makes it easy to slip into my bag, and pull out whenever I need it. That being said, I don't actually take this to school. Moisturiser is more handy for hot days where you'll be sweating, after gym or swim class, or for those who have overly dry skin. 

I HATE having dry hands, and I this hand cream is incredibly hydrating, and has a nice, subtle scent. 

I hate dry lips as much as I (i'm sorry, hate's such a harsh word) dislike dry hands. This is my all-time favourite lip balm, and my regular readers will most likely already know this.

Aside from being so incredibly cute, mini perfumes prove to be very handy. The two above are my favourite smaller-sized perfumes I own. On the left is Britney Spear's "Believe" and on the left is a sample of the Body Shop's Cherry Blossom fragrance (which I plan on eventually buying).

For oily faces like me, powder is unquestionably an essential. 

That's it for today's post! I hope you all enjoyed it :) I'd love to hear what items you keep in your backpack, so just simply list them below or link me if you've done one yourself!
Please also include in your comment future "Back to School" posts, along with regular posts :) I'm interested to see what you'd look to read here on Daisy Locks.

See you all in my next post! Lots of love,

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