Sunday, December 8, 2013

♡ November Favourites ♡

♡ Hello everyone! ♡

I hope you're all doing well, and the month of November was enjoyable! And you all know what the end of a month means...a favourites post! Lets jump into it:


Starting off with my favourite lotion of the month (and possibly of all time). This is the "Silky Cream"  lotion from Yves Rocher in "Malaysian Coconut". If you're a loyal reader of mine, you'll probably know of my obsession of all things coconut. This lotion is true to its scent, and is highly hydrating. I try to not use it every night in fear of running out too soon, but I find I use it more than I use my other body butters because I seriously can't get enough of it. So if you're on the lookout for a new lotion/cream, I can highly recommend this product to you.

But if you are needing help on choosing a new lotion, be sure to keep an eye out for a post coming very soon on my blog. 

Rate: 10/10 <--- (NOTE: A 10/10 is quite rare for me...shows how much I love this)

Ever since I ran out of my beloved Maybelline Shine Free loose face powder, I've been feeling like I need to try out another powder. I discovered this one in Bangkok. It's the Revlon "Touch & Glow, extra moisturizing face powder" in "translucent" 1. Okay, to begin with...don't be fooled by the shade name. This powder is no where near fact its quite the opposite. If you like powder foundations, I recommend checking this out. I'm not a huge fan, but I find with a thin layer of BB cream as a primer, this works great over the top for an everyday look. 
It has a medium coverage, cheap and hasn't upset my skin.

Rate: 7/10

Okay, next up is a little random product. This came in a gift pack along with a pumice stone and two foot fizzies. This is the only thing I've given a go since it was given to me, and so far I've been loving it. My feet have never really gotten any tlc, and this cooling foot lotion from The Body Shop is exactly what my tootsies have been needing.
As the name suggests, it really does help to refresh and soften my feet, and helps to improve their scent...

rate: 9/10 

I've never been a huge red-lipstick wearer, simply because I'm scared of them. I'm very self-conscious of being oblivious to the terrible lipstick teeth, but I've decided its time for me to get over this fear, and have a cup of cement. 
Luckily, this lipstick was a gift to me (Thank you Shelby :) ) so I didn't have to um and ah over it at the counter.

It's in the shade "rouge artist intense" and so far this is what I've gathered:
- It's highly pigmented and stays put 
- It's incredibly messy (you can see this in two pictures up)
- It has a pleasant smell
- It's a universal hue

rate: 9/10

I'm a freak, I'll admit it. Yes, I live in HCMC and yes I wear a beanie. Thing is, I love winter clothes and when the weather is around 16 degrees. 
Anyway, this beanie is from Just Jeans, and you can't get it anymore because I bought this three years ago. However, I've seen beanies similar to this one EVERYWHERE. Literally, if a store sells beanies, its most likely they'll be selling one almost identical to this one. 
I love the colour as it works with anything, and the silver threading is a nice touch too.

Rate: 7/10

This is another item I bought when I was in Bangkok. It's from H&M's DIVIDED range and I'm in love with it. It can be dressed up with a pretty skirt or dressy pants, or "casualled" down with a pair of shorts. Super universal, and in my opinion, a wardrobe staple. 

rate: 8/10


Lately I've been obsessed with making Iced coffee. And this is how I make mine:
1. Add a little bit of hot water (this is only to dissolve the coffee and if you use sugar) to the glass
2. Add in your chosen amount of instant coffee (I use Nescafe GOLD) depending on strength
3. Stir
4. Add in a sweetener, sugar or syrup (I like to use coconut syrup)
5. fill the rest of the glass up with milk

I've been loving Rose tea lately, and one of my lovely friends gave this to me as a birthday present. It's a lovely way to calm down at night, and a healthier alternative dessert ( me anyway).

rate: 9/10

Yet another prezzi (Thank you Viv :) )
I cannot get enough of this tea, and I'm sure any good Australian will agree with me on saying that T2 is the best tea in the world.
This is "fruitalicious" and I adore it. A super sweet pick-me-up.

rate: 10/10

And finally, this soft drink from Glinter. It's a clear fruit flavoured fizzy drink that is incredibly sweet and therefore something you should only have every now and then. Nonetheless, it tastes great :)

Rate: 7/10


I got this a long time ago, but basically its an electronic sudoku game and its great fun. Nice and portable, and you'll always get a different game to play. Perfect for travellers. It has two settings, either Beginning or Advanced.

time for a blast from the past.
These are some of the nintendo games I've been playing with lately and here's the verdict.

Hannah Montana vs. Hannah Montana Music Jam
If you like games that are based solely on a story line, the original is the one for you, but if you like something with added Mini games, go with Music Jam.
Tell me your opinion below, but beware. I take Hannah Montana very seriously.
original: 8/10
Music Jam: 10/10

Dogz vs. Hamsterz
Same deal as above. Dogz honestly is a little more interactive as there is loads of mini games to play, and the aim of the game is to design the ultimate dog house.
Hamsterz is more about looking after one. You play mini games to unlock new goodies for your pet, and can decorate your Hamster's cage. 
Dogz: 7/10
Hamsterz: 9/10

Imagine Fashion Designer: 7/10
not a favourite, but still good fun.


I've realised I always talk about 8tracks but have never really told you my favourite tracks and users.
I'm "daisylocks" on 8tracks, so be sure to give me a follow so you can see what tracks I'm liking. I dont really post mixes because I don't actually own good music on this laptop. 
(Top right) My friend, Vivien: naive void.
She posts amazing tracks that really get you into a good mood. The picture below includes my three favourite tracks of hers.

(bottom right)"For a Long Journey Home" by Meowdaline
Includes a very long list of some great indie rock & pop and alternative music. 

(bottom left) "Yeah so um." by boulevxrd
An awesome mix with some great music that you just want to dance to.

(left to right)
"Emily's Study Mix", "Gaze" "Early Mornings"
favourite tracks by Naive Void.

Now time for my favourite songs, and I'll do a little countdown for you.

5.) Pompeii by Bastille
4.) Changing of the Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club
3.) Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
2.) House of the Rising sun - AHS coven soundtrack
1.) Can We Dance - The Vamps

I've been re-reading my favourite trilogy after being blown away by the movie below. SO GOOD YASS GAGA

Really, is it any surprise that my favourite movie this month is Catching Fire? The answer is no.
It seriously was just so incredibly amazing that I'm still in that stage where all I can do is quote the book and movie, and just gush about it. So. freaking. Good.

As for my next favourite movie, the picture above pretty much sums up my feelings for Percy Jackson. 
All PJO readers out there will agree with me, the movies sucked in comparison to the book. The plot line wasn't right and they missed important bits, however it was still enjoyable for me, and Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario is in it, nuff said. 


My favourite person this month is Jennifer Lawrence.
You can't help but love her. She seems like the kind of person you want to be friends with, and even just watching her videos is enough for you to be affected by her bubbly and spontaneous personality.
Not to mention, she's stunning.

Okay, that's it for today everyone! See you next time, 
Lots of love,


  1. oo love your November favourites. I read through the Hunger games trilogy in November too, awesome book and the movie (Catching Fire) was amazing! Have you seen it?

    Love that shade of red, so intense I bet it looks amazing on!
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you lovely :) Yes I have, I saw it last weekend and I plan on seeing it again this saturday :)

      It's a gorgeous lipstick, incredibly complimenting on :)


  2. I've read the The Hunger Games so many times and oh my god, the third one always makes me cry!xoxo

    1. I know! me too. This round is my tenth haha xx

  3. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely my favourite person this month as well, haha :P Looks like we have a similar taste in music so I'll be checking out your favourite songs as well! Loved this post :)

    Jenny xx

    1. Ooh! You must share with me some of your favourite music some time then! :) xx

  4. I have number 29 of rouge artist intense. it's a great lipstick I want to try more. The red looks really great!


    1. Yes me too! I look forward to giving more of them a go :) xx

  5. I love the intensity of the makeup for ever lipstick. It looks really good!
    Jennifer Lawrence is simply an icon, she's so simple and sweet!
    I like this article as well :) xx

    1. Its officially my favourite festive lipstick! haha and amen! thank you! xoxo