Tuesday, February 18, 2014

♡ Brand talk : Blissful products ♡

♡ Hello everyone! ♡

For today's post, I've decided to do a mass review on a brand I've fallen for a while ago. 
I think that the name is quite suited to it's products. Every product truly is Bliss, and perfect for pamper sessions. 

I'll be reviewing four products from Bliss today. They include:
  •  Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter
  • Minty moisture milk
  • Aloe leaf and peppermint Foot Patrol
  • vanilla + bergamot body butter

I'm going to start off with the product I've used more of. The others - in my opinion - aren't as necessary and are more luxury products. 

I find this body butter highly moisturising and not too greasy. It does leave a thicker film after application, so I prefer to use it - just like my other body butters - before bed. 

If you are familiar with Bliss products, you will know of their amazing scents. They are generally quite fruity but toned down with nutty or vanilla tones. I love how this blood orange and white pepper lotion smells, as it isn't so strong and overwhelming as a lot of your average lotions. The scent also tends to linger through the day which is a huge plus. 

Would recommend to: Those who love fruity summery scents

Next product is the minty moisture milk that advertises as being "supercool, smoothing firming fluid for the body". 

This product is a lovely summertime product, but as I mentioned above not really an essential. It's very refreshing and a little hydrating but overall, I think what I liked most about was the concept.
You apply this on your skin after a shower, which proves to be a tad difficult. As it is a "milk" it's very thin and liquidy in consistency, therefore you have to use a little at a time and work on sections of your body at a time.
I wouldn't recommend wearing this out and about during the day time as the scent can get a little strong, but if you like a very ripe minty fragrance then go for it. But I'm stressing the ripe factor. 
As for the "firming" factor, I didn't see too much of a difference in my skin, but I didn't use it for long enough to really test it out for that use. 

Would recommend to: Those with super dry skin

The "foot patrol" cream was interesting to use, I'll have to say. The aloe helps to soften and the peppermint to cool so you're left with very lovely feeling tootsies after use. I can't say that the AHA's were very strong, and this lotion really can't be used as an exfoliant substitute. 

For those looking for a dupe, I recommend the Body Shop's "Peppermint intensive cooling foot rescue" line.

Would recommend to: Those who want to treat their feet

Finally for the product that impressed me the most. 
I looooove this vanilla and bergamot body buff and am considering to repurchase it. It has a gorgeous sweet scent, and not only does it effectively exfoliate your skin (not as well as Frank or Ocean Salt by Lush though), it also helps to moisturise it with shea butter and almond oil.

Big thumbs up to this guy!

Would recommend to: all those out there who love a sweet fragranced product, or those who have dry skin in need of some tlc. 

That's all for today!
I hope you're all having or had a great day, see you soon!
Lots of love,

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