Saturday, March 8, 2014

♡ Weekly wishes #8 ♡

Weekly wishes #8

I'm sure you've all seen this infamous "Parental Advisory" jumper somewhere. Whether it be in the form of a knock-off in stores or online from pictures of Alexander Wang's fashion show. I love this jumper and how quirky it is. And considering that it's Alexander Wang, I'm sure it would be uber comfy also. But it looks like I'm going to have to settle for the knock-offs because this baby is a mere $1535. Yikes

I think the way to go this winter is it stray from the conventional black leather jacket and adopt a new hue. I've been eyeing some white leather jackets around shops lately and think that they might be a new favourite jacket. I spotted one in Topshop the other day, but couldn't find it on the program I use to create my weekly wishes (Polyvore), so I settled for this one from Gap.

Another little item that I always groan as I pass on my way out of stores is a denim jacket. The last time I owned one was when I was six and I don't know why I still haven't gotten around to purchasing one again. 

$770 -

Okay, yes. I am perfectly aware of that very large sum of money needed to pay for this t-shirt but c'mon, don't tell me this top hasn't earned its way onto your wish list too. 
I particularly like the chilled resorty vibe I'm getting from it.

So I'm not sure if you've been able to tell or not but I kind of have a thing for daisies...

$13 -

I know this top might seem pretty plain and boring to a lot of you and not worthy of being on a wish list, but I find these styles of tops quite the basics. A loose flowy stroppy top can be quite versatile throughout the year. I think it'd be quite nice in the upcoming winter paired with some bold jewellery items, a pair of jeans and a nice jacket.
$22 -

It's nearing Autumn and I still haven't purchased any denim shorts...

$230 -

I'll admit, these just caught my eye when I was scrolling through polyvore.

None of my friends have heard the end of this. I've been wanting these open buckled boot for aaaaaggessss. I mean, even all through summer I was looking for them. So now that it's nearing winter, I'm hoping they'll come out from hiding.

I think these boots are super cool, it's just that I'm not totally sure of how to style them.

I've had my eye out for a big black bag for a while now. Just one problem: the only ones I like are designer. Great.

I'm totally stuck with sunglasses. They aren't really my forte, so I'm not really sure of which styles suit my face and if I really like them anyway. But these are pretty

I'm in luuuuurve with these "salem" hats. Definitely a trend I can see myself sporting. 

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