Monday, September 1, 2014

Check this! // S T Y L E T A L K #4

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're well.

For my next instalment in "Style Talk", I've chosen to discuss the check trend. Check can be a fun style to flaunt when worn correctly, but can be a disaster when not. Now, I'm not calling myself a fashion expert here and telling you this is how you should be wearing the following items, it's just my way of interpreting and styling the trend. Let's get to it!

**Click on the titles of the outfits to be directed to the polyvore sets, where you're able to view the items and where you can buy them. Follow me there while you're at it if you're interested in more (#shameless self promoting)


The first thing that comes to mind when check skirts are mentioned is Cher from Clueless and her iconic adorable yellow outfit. As hard as it is to be as cool as the beauty herself, you can grab her style rather easily.
I stumbled across this cute check skirt on polyvore, and paired it with a white tank with a high neckline to keep all attention on that glorious pattern. 
Next up I added into the mix a pair of the classic, black Doc Martens, some black sunnies and a black backpack. This outfit is reminiscent of a day of forest trekking, thus the name "Adventure time" (my one and only love). 

 Who wears the pants?
Flowy bottoms, white brimmed back hat, heeled boots. A match made in heaven. And the item that went perfectly with this trio was this awesome check crop; a newfound wardrobe staple. I've found that they are a gorgeous way of adding a touch of professionalism to your everyday outfit. Wear it with some high waisted pants or length bottoms, and you have yourself an easy outfit to wear to the office...I think. Once again, not an expert in this area. Oops..

 White Tendencies
Probably my favourite outfit, but something I'm not sure I'm daring enough to wear. Solely for the reason that it's almost all white...and I'm rather clumsy so that's just an accident waiting to happen for me.
The star of this show is the gorgeous check,powdery blue coat. The best way to keep this piece in the spotlight is to keep everything basic and clean and to stick with a mono colour scheme. I decided on white, but I think that black would also work just as well.
A high necked top paired with a white skirt deemed appropriate, and when paired with the white sandals and white bag, we're able to keep the colour palette neat. 

Tell me down below which one was your favourite! I'd also love to hear what style you want me to discuss and style in my next Style Talk!

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  1. These outfits are so nice. Love the black and white combination. Great post.