Friday, December 12, 2014

My Week in Photos #1

First Row (L-R) 
I popped into the city on Tuesday in hopes of getting some christmas presents for my mum and dad but unfortunately had no luck. However, I was lucky enough to pick up some things I've been needing/wanting for a while for good prices! That included the lovely hat I'm wearing in the first and fourth picture for only $30 from Dissh, some workout gear from Cotton On, some Lush goodies, the Loreal True Match foundation and the St Tropez tanning mousse (keep an eye out for some reviews). Of course I couldn't not go into Myer to check out the glorious christmas decorations they'd brought out, too. 

Second Row (L-R)
On Wednesday I went for a bit of a walk around my area to some boutiques to pick up some presents (that I can't talk about as my parents and others whom I bought for occasionally read my blog). 
Unfortunately I've been sick this past week and I felt it was necessary to pamper myself this week with a lot of baths. Oh, and if you were wondering those bubbles in the second picture were from shampoo...oh the glamorous life I live. I had to breakout the first of my lush bath bombs I'd been given as a birthday present too. So far I've given Rose Queen and Think Pink a go and have loved both! I had to paint my nails of course after truly registering that I am now on holidays. I chose a fun, vibrant blue. 

Third and Fourth Row (L-R)
The christmas decorations are now up in the house! I put up the christmas tree this year. My mum found a cute little iron tree (second picture) that she decorated. A nice touch to the hall table! 
It rained a fair bit Thursday so naturally I had to take a couple of snaps. I spent most of Thursday afternoon out comforting my dog in the storm. He wouldn't hold still for a good photo, though! Thursday night we went out to dinner for my Dad's birthday to a cute little Italian restaurant. I had some pretty d-lish prosciutto and rocket pizza. 

How did you spend your week? 

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