Sunday, June 30, 2013

♡ Nivea 'Be Beautiful!' tinted moisturiser review ♡

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Two posts in one day? Whaa? Well, I'm not a fan of a bare blog so I thought I better get on with the posting to make my blog a little more interesting!

So unfortunately I have a 'rant' product. However, I'm unsure if it really can be called a rant...

Nivea Young 's 'be beautiful tinted moisterizer' is quite the love or hate product. I, however, am a little stuck.
Now this product is amongst the 'young skin' care line. I used this product when I was in year 7. Now I'll have to disagree with its claim to 'adapt to your natural skin tone', as it certainly didn't for me.

I went to school with a very visible face of tinted moisturiser, and really in the end it didn't give me so much coverage. But little year 7 me didn't need much coverage anyway. Another thing it really doesn't give much of is a radiant complexion. It does give you a slightly dewy finish, but its not at all visible.
On the moisturiser front, it does feel quite fresh, perfect for a summers day. Its oil free, perfect for those - like me - who suffer from a shiny face. 
It also contains a UVA/UVB filter system that helps to protect young and old skin from the sun's harmful rays. 

Now time for some of its disadvantages. Aside from its unnatural colour (which can be seen in the picture above) that won't adapt to all skin tones, it also dries up quite fast. Obviously i can't show your the inside of the bottle, but the outside is a good example. 

I'd like to hear your experiences with this product, so write below your stories!

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