Sunday, June 30, 2013

♡ To Bioderma or not to Bioderma ♡

Hello again!

Now, Bioderma is definitely a product that has worked up a bit of a hype. I heard about this product from one of my favourite beauty you tubers 'Missglamorazzi', and then it made another couple of re appearances in 'Fleurdeforce's videos.

It is a little on the expensive side. I purchased it from 'Guardian' in Singapore for SG$ 29 (250ml bottle) - the 100ml bottle costs SG$ 12.
And I can promise you, that was not the last time I will be purchasing this miracle stuff.

Essentially it is a non-rinse cleanser that is fragrance free. The bottle I purchased is for sensitive skin. The actual bottle i purchased is the 'Sensibio H20' one. I have heard that whether or not it is the sensitive skin one makes no difference.
My skin is quite sensitive, and one wrong product then BAM! my skin will break out like an inexperienced break-dancer on a friday night (Analogies aren't my forte..), or as my mum says "Like after a lot of chocolate", However thats quite hypocritical of me because as I write this post I'm relishing a block of toblerone...

So how and when do I use this?

As I said before, Bioderma is a non-rinse cleanser. It does an amazing job at thoroughly cleaning out your pores, and removing makeup and all the dirt and grime after a long day. 

I use Bioderma whenever I'm a little lazy or running out of time. Because cleansing is essential to my skincare routine (Comment below if you'd like me to post my skincare routine), and sometimes washing my face can take a while, Bioderma is my super hero for those mornings where I'm short of time or nights where all i want to do is get into bed.

I use a little amount on an exfoliating cotton pad (Bocton classics cotton pads), and work it into my face. I will just continue pouring some onto cotton pads until the residue left after wiping has no colour (from my makeup). 

I'm a sucker for toning my face (I just love the refreshing feel of it!), and after using Bioderma, I don't feel the need to! It is even a tad moisturising. 

Now another great plus is that it doesn't contain alcohol (Something that the infamous 'Caudalie beauty elixir' is guilty for), which means that it doesn't dry out your skin. Bonus! 

If your skin is sensitive and acne prone and your looking for a good cleanser, this baby is the one for you. As Elle Fowler mentioned in her video on how she deals with acne (, Bioderma is great because of its gentle, irritant-free ingredients. You can just use this with a trusted moisturiser and acne gel and hopefully your skin will be good in no time!

As you can see from the picture above, I love this stuff, and I'm down to my little last bit. I plan on repurchasing it when I'm in Singapore's Changi airport in July. 
Now, is it worth the money when it comes to the amount? Most certainly! You get quite a lot, and you really do not need very much either. 

I had a little incident of a leak from the bottle when I was in the cinemas with my friend. Yup, that sentence probably made no sense, so let me quickly paint you the picture.
I was staying at her place that night, and it had been a school day, which meant I had to take all my toiletries and other things I had brought with me in my school bag. We had just seen a movie and I was walking out of the cinema when I felt something dripping from the bag. I checked and my bioderma was leaking! As you can tell, I was devastated, and fuming. The flimsy cap and opened itself and about a quarter of the bottle had came out. 
But I was in love with this bottle and we kissed and made up and everything was good... yeah no. But we did make up and our love story continued.

So the only rant I have about this product is its lid. There are two unfortunate factors (however one is a I guess a good thing). One being the flip cap and how easily openable it is, and two being the un-screwable cap. It means travelling with it is harder because you can't unscrew it and transfer it to a smaller bottle, however it is still possible.
So Bioderma, all I recommend is some guard on the cap to stop it from opening so easily!

Bioderma is a little hard to get your hands on also, despite its popularity. It is Parisian, therefore generally needs to be ordered off line. Comment below if you know any good websites to purchase this off!

So if your on the lookout for a good cleanser, or your a lazy bones like moi, give Bioderma a go! The solution may look like water but trust me, it's not any ordinary solution. I really do highly recommend it! It would be my everyday cleanser if I had a little more money in my pocket and it was more accessible.

Please comment below your experience with Bioderma, or any further questions you have for me!

until next time...
Lots of love,

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