Tuesday, September 3, 2013

♡ August Favourites ♡

♡ Aloha everyone! ♡

I know I say this every month, but really, July flew by quite quickly. It sure has been quite a month. I've started back at school now, and have slowly slipped back into my school day routines and out of my holiday comfort. 
Sure, school may be a bit of hard work, but it's a great time to see what kind of products last in the particular environments. 
For example, my school is air conditioned, so therefore what goes on my face needs to cater for those needs. For example, my moisturiser needs to be good at being a moisturiser, and my foundation or BB cream and concealer I use needs to be non-comedogenic, as my skin will suck up anything that sits on my face. 

Without further ado, my August favourites!
This month's favourite flower is Asiatic Lilies. These are perfect if you like flowers that have a lovely scent that will drift around your home. My mum has been using these flowers for as long as I can remember as a decorative table piece and to give our house a nice fragrance. They also grow in my grandparent's garden, so memories are linked there also. A really lovely spring flower.

I've been looooooving DKNY's Apple fragrance. I got this about two christmases ago, and I have only just started using it again. It has a lovely fragrance of...yes, you guessed it...fresh, sweet apples. It's very hard for me to now stray from Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs, but on days when I want something different, I reach for this. 

I know this perfume came out AGES ago, but I still like it. It's Avril Lavigne's Black Star. For me, this is a perfect nighttime scent. And, as I suck at describing scents, I'm going to leave it at that. It's a sweet fragrance, but not overly sweet, and despite me saying its a nighttime fragrance, there is nothing stopping you from wearing it during the day.

I never was much of a bronzer user until I found this one. Maybelline's Dream Terra Sun has lasted me nearly a year now, and I still haven't hit pan. I bought a shade that is about a shade or two darker than one I would usually buy, for contouring. This one shown is in shade 05 Sun Baked. 
Only very recently did I notice that the bronzer, does in fact have a light amount of shimmer. When I use it however, the shimmer is very hard to detect. I used to only label this item of makeup as a Summer essential, but come to think of it, the bronzer is both more effective and noticeable in the Winter time, when our skin is deprived of strong sunlight.
It does a great job as shaping and contouring the face. I apply it with the Body Shop's blusher brush across the hollows of my cheek, up my temple and across my jawline (In an E/3 shape).
I'm never disappointed with Maybelline products, and this bronzer is no exception. 

The only skincare product making an appearance in this month's favourites in my Cetaphil moisturiser. I have been quite impressed with this one. As I mentioned in my Acne post, it was recommended to my by my doctor. I purchased it shortly after, and used it right away. 
Considering it is a lotion with SPF30 in it, I expected it to be quite thick and and unappealing, along with pore clogging. I was quite wrong.
Despite my skin taking quite the liking to this product, I still refuse to wear it overnight, because SPF does clog your pores. 
It's very lightweight, and feels like nothing is there. It is a lovely base for makeup, and provides a nice amount of protection from the harsh sun.
A definite thumbs up from me!

This is actually my Mum's, but I love to use it. It's my favourite thermal protector I have used, however, with that being said, I haven't used a large amount. 
It's scent isn't bad, and the formula is nice. It's not sticky, so I'm happy to spray it onto my finger tips and comb it through my hair. I've noticed a difference in my hair after using heat styling tools on it in comparison to my hair after my other thermal protectors. My hair doesn't feel as greasy, and there is even a nice shine.
A great product, with cool packaging. Just a little hard to find.

If there is one other thing that is not Moroccan Oil that my hair loves, its this guy. Not only is it reasonably priced, it is also quite easy to find. However, don't quote me on that, it just has been for me. 
I've always heard so many positive reviews on the Organix line, but I always thought it was a bit of a fad due to their appealing packaging and cool concepts. 
Never had I even considered picking up a bottle and giving it a go.
My friend kindly gave this up to me after she believed it made her a hair a little greasy. My hair is as dry as the Sahara desert, and I'm a sucker for Coconut scented things, so naturally this product immediatly appeals to me.
I warn you to NOT APPLY THIS ANYWHERE NEAR THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD. I don't care how dry it is up there, leave it alone. Trust me. The morning after I applied this for the first time (And yes, that was all over my hair), I had a terrible hair day. My hair was as greasy as a Mcdonalds cheeseburger, and very hard to work with. At least I smelt great!
I, unfortunately, have suffer from split ends, like the majority of us. I'm currently going through a stage where I'm afraid to go to the hairdressers to get a trim, as I'm growing my hair out, and my split ends weren't seeing a silver lining. After about two weeks of using this serum on the ends of my hair, my hair has never been happier. There are now fewer split ends, my hair has a lovely shine, it feels silky, and I smell amazing. 'nuff said. 

If you are Australian and do not have this somewhere in your house, I recommend rethinking your life. This is a miracle gel, seriously. I've already gone through why I believe this is my holy grail product over on my Australia Haul, so I'm going to save the babbling and encourage you to go read that. 
My lips are crazy chapped, and during these times, I'm reaching for this little guy.
So if the guys who work for and make Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment are reading this....


To finish off the beauty segment of this favourites post, I'm going to mention this guy. I only recently got my braces off, and have become more aware of the colour of my teeth. 
If you don't already know, orange based lipsticks are very very bad for those with yellowy teeth. 
If you'd like to avoid it altogether, opt for blue toned lipsticks. 
You'll never guess the brand of this lipstick...
ok you probably did. It's Maybelline's (shock horror) colour sensational lipstick in shade 160, Fifth Avenue Fuchsia. 
It's beautiful on nearly everyone, and very complimenting to a wide range of skin tones.

Now time for fashion favourites. Despite me only wearing this dress once or twice, It's appearing in this post purely because I find it one of the most comfortable and prettiest dresses I own. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here, when I say I love how convenient dresses are for last minute parties where you don't want to spend a long time deciding on a carefully coordinated outfit.
I mean, it's a top and skirt all in one and it makes you look awesome.
This one in particular. I love its colour, and the shape is very nice too.
I wore this to one of my amazing friend's (and Harry Style's wife) birthday parties (HAPPY BIRTHMONTH JAMIELLE)

I'm sorry that after saying all of that, that I can't give you the brand as the dress is amongst my washing somewhere, and I can't find it, but it was found in a boutique along a street in Burleigh Heads. 

I have been living in these shorts, and I'm not afraid to say so. They are comfy, pretty and very complimenting. They also go with a lot of things in my wardrobe. They're from Mango, and if you'd like to see an in-depth post on them and how I style them, click here.
Despite me living in Vietnam, I still like to slip on cosy jumpers. Don't ask why, just accept the fact that I am very weird. This jumper was bought for me quite a long time ago, and only recently have I dished it out from my wardrobe and worn it almost every day. The insides are crazy cosy, almost like you are receiving a big hug from a friendly bear (I don't recommend hugging a bear, so please don't).
Thank you Roxy for making awesome jumpers.

I L-O-V-E these shoes, and I never want to grow out of them. As you can see from the brand being virtually impossible to see anymore, they have gotten a lot of love. They are amazing when an outfit needs a little something more, they are light, they are comfy and they are very much airy. I particularly love the gold accents contrasting with the gorgeous coral colour. 
I got them on sale from Tony Bianco, and the brand is Billini. 

As an Australian, it is mandatory for me to own more than one pair of thongs. I got these from Billabong (Brand name, Kustom) a while back, for outfits that can't be worn with normal thongs. I love the colour, and they, too, are crazy comfy. (I feel like I've said comfy a billion times already).

This candle is incredible. You don't even need to light it to have the scent lingering around your room. I leave it sitting in my bathroom and occasionally light it, and my whole room is left smelling like a sweet, tropical vacation (Bet you've never heard of that description before). The holder I keep it in is nice too. It has a frosted finish, and is - along with the candle - also from dusk.

I think that reading Harry Potter is doing me more damage than I thought, because as I sit through maths class, all I can think about is if I was at Hogwarts, I could be sitting in Transfigurations or Herbology or anything other than this boring muggle subject.
I'm currently re-reading the whole Harry Potter series, and am nearly finished this one.
If you haven't already read any of the HP books, I strongly urge you to do so. They are my favourite books to get lost in.

This isn't your average gruesome zombie novel. It takes place in the mind of the loveable 'R' (played by Nicholas Hoult in the film adaptation, I'm sure thats enough of a reason to watch the movie), a zombie who longs to become human again. He isn't like his fellow zombie companions who shuffle around the abandoned airport who feast on human guts and brains. On a hunting trip to the city, R meets his love interest, Julie, a girl with a father who's only interest lies in wiping out the entire zombie population. After eating Julie's boyfriend, R falls in love with Julie, and takes her home. Not a very good mix, but it makes a great story. Definitely a feel-good and exciting read. 

As for the food favourites this month, these are the two things that have become my weaknesses (other than bubble tea. Please, I don't want to discuss it. I'm currently fighting the urge to go out into this rain to get some).
Starting off with "Seasoned Laver" aka Seaweed. It's not very filling, but it tastes amazing and it's fun to eat. 
The second thing is coconut syrup. If you haven't yet discovered coconut syrup, RUN AWAY, whilst you can. I love mixing this into milk (either cold or warm), lattes and even - don't cringe or judge - hot chocolate. 

Thats it for today folks! I hope you're having a lovely day/evening! Please feel free to leave post recommendations in the comments below. I hope you all enjoy your Augusts! 

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Until next time, Lots of love,


  1. The picture of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" brings back so many memories! It was the first "Harry Potter" that I read because it was the latest one when the movie came out. I wanna reread the whole series too, but I dont have them with me in college!


    1. Oh they are amazing. This is my fiftieth time re reading the series! hahah