Sunday, December 8, 2013

♡ Confessions of a Blogger ♡

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well!

Today I will be doing the infamous "Confessions of a Blogger" tag, something that has been circulating the blogosphere for quite some time now. I got tagged by the beautiful Libby from Make sure you check her out! She's very sweet :) 
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When Did You Start Blogging?
29th of June, this year

Have You Had Any Other Online Presence Before?eg Youtube?
As a "Beauty guru/blogger" no.

Why Did You Start Your Blog?
I had always been inspired by the gorgeous girls on youtube I watch, and from all the blogs I read. I had always held back from it because I was a little scared, but when I finally caved in and gave it a go I never looked back. 

When Did You Become Serious About Blogging?
Right from the start I was pretty serious to be honest. I have times when I have to put school and my life before blogging however, so it's always been about balance. Regardless, I am still quite serious.

What Was Your First Post?
Well my very first post was your average "About me" post, but my first beauty related post was a review on the Maybelline BB cream from their "Clear Smooth" line.

Where Do You See Your Blog In A Year?
Hopefully I will have gained a few more readers as well as posting more regularly with a lot more product reviews. 

What Is The Best/Most Rewarding Thing About Blogging?
The comments I receive. There are just so many gorgeous girls out there who are so lovely and I don't think that they know, but every comment I receive makes me very happy, so I always make sure to read each and every one and then reply to them.

What Is The Most Discouraging Thing That Happens/Has Happened?
The only discouraging thing that happens is when I go for a week or more without posting. I get a little angry with myself for letting you all down and not getting on top of my work. But nobody has ever been rude or criticising ever, and I have a lot of lovely regular readers and I still can't believe that they're reading even when I've abandoned the blog for three weeks. Thank you.

What's Your Lasting Blogging Motiviation/Inspiration?
My dreams (wow so cliché) along with my readers :) 

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  1. I love this tag, you really do put so much effort into your blog and just looking at it makes me feel christmassy.

    1. Oh wow! Thank you for that lovely comment, Nadia :) xx

  2. i love this tag ! such a cute blog my dear !! xx

  3. I love your blog so much and I have followed you, could you return the favour...?
    Mollie xoxo

    1. Thank you Mollie, I appreciate your follow, it means a lot to me, and of course I will :)