Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Motivation // CHEESY TALK

Oh no, she hasn't begun with a proper introduction. This must mean some real stuff's gonna be discussed.

Because I'm a teenager who struggles with existential crises on a daily basis, I thought that bringing out yet another mini series where I discuss topics relevant to being a teenager and hopefully create a forum where we can all exchange advice on how to deal with the particular issues. So I present to you "Cheesy Talk" - I'm not a fan of this name and would greatly appreciate suggestions in the comments below :)

I'd like to begin with the pure irony of this post, and how long it's taken for me to write it. It took me a while to fathom the words to share with you my thoughts on this particular topic, and for a while I wasn't sure if it was even necessary.

Motivation is something I've always struggled with. I don't joke when I say I'm the queen of procrastination. My way of handling motivation is horrible, because I do exactly that; joke. Any situation I'm not happy with I tend to turn into a joke. It's a horrible coping mechanism.

I'm the kind of student to leave all of my assignments to do the night before. The thought of the inevitable task will nag at the back of my mind for ages. I simply just cannot find it in me to begin unless I'm "in the mood" which is really just code word for "it's fine, I have a bit more time left".

This results in added unecessary stress, that I will proceed to just blaming the task for. It's a horrible habit to have, especially whilst you're at school/university.

Lately I've come to terms with what this will mean for me in the future if I don't sort out my act anytime soon. 

So how exactly does one gain motivation to do something they're unwilling to do? First, as cheesy as this is, find your happy place, then learn how to get there regardless of where you are. 

For me, music is a great way for me to get to my happy place. My playlist will depend on my task. If I'm doing something that requires a lot of concentration, a tune playing in the background as white noise (preferably with no words - this means I can't concentrating on what the singer is singing) works well. If I'm working out a playlist with a good beat gets me in the mood. 

Other ways to motivate yourself may include setting up a space. For studying, it's advised that you don't do so in your room. And if you have no where else to study, not on your bed. This is because your room is a place for sleep and leisurely activities, not for study. Once you've established your space, decorate it with pretty items that get you excited. For study, buy yourself some pretty new stationary. For working out, buy yourself some cool fitness wear or a funky yoga mat. Buy things that get you excited. 

Last but not least, believe in yourself. *Cue "Don't Stop Believing" by Glee*. Ah, cringe. We have officially reached the optimum cheesy level. But it needs to be said. I personally believe that the root of this problem is your expectations of yourself. That test you think you're going to fail? Tell yourself you're not going to and you're going to study to ensure that's not going to happen. And if you can't believe in yourself, I'll help you. I believe in each and every single one of you. And I'm proud of you. Be proud of yourself too.

That's it for today folks. I hope this little pep talk was somewhat helpful. Do you have a helpful method to motivate yourself or want a particular topic to be discussed in my next Cheesy Talk? Comment below!

Until next time, lots of love,


  1. Love this post, it's really inspiring and I can totally relate to it!

  2. I just wrote a post on how to be productive, if you would like to take a look: http://skinnedcartree.com/2014/09/how-to-productive-work.html

    I was always a bit of a geek at uni and always did my essays right away, then would re-read and proof read the night before it was due.

    I love writing essays so really enjoyed getting the library books out and getting on with it.

    I could never find somewhere other than my room to study though as I lived in halls so my room was all I had!

    Even now, I blog in my bedroom at my desk because I had a spare house, but if I had my own house I'd love to have a corner in a room to work in. To be honest, I would probably turn my living room into a blogging space because I never watch TV!

    Corinne x

    1. I wish I worked like you do when it comes to essays! Whilst I may enjoy writing them sometimes, I find it difficult to get into a motivated mindset. I'll be sure to check out you post :) xxx