Saturday, October 11, 2014

Midi Skirts // STYLE TALK #4

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Midi skirts have well and truly done their rounds in the world of fashion as quite the statement piece. They've appeared in plenty of fashion shows also (both on the runway and in the audience) and on many blogs. A brave item to wear, and when personally styled they can be super fun and flattering.

I've chosen three midi skirts to style today, all very different within themselves. My key tip when styling midi skirts is to keep the top half form fitting to prevent a swamping effect, and to add accessories that are suited to your liking to allow your personal style to shine through. 

Futuristic neutrals

Inspired by an outfit I spotted at London Fashion Week, this pairing of a lengthy leather skirt and a grey crop with an interesting cut out is a perfect way of dressing up effortlessly. To ensure no attention was drawn away from that intense skirt, I've kept it simple with some strappy grey heels. To keep things casual yet classy, I picked out a black fedora and a pair of fun shades. 

Mythical antics
When I was a little girl, my favourite outfit was my huge tulle ballet skirt paired with a hot pink singlet and a pair of ballet shoes. This costume, believe it or not, can be reinvented to suit my current age. Whilst I may no longer have the constant urge to slip out of whatever restricting outfit I was wearing and into my ballerina one, it's still fun to dress things up with a big, fun skirt. 

This outfit is inspired by the beautiful Zoella.

A skirt that is more appropriate than my ballet skirt for outerwear nowadays is this gorgeous number from House of Fraser. Depending on your mood, it can be paired with this black fitted halter neck crop, or an off-the-shoulder stripy top. To further this magical vibe, I've picked out this felt floppy hat, some stroppy black heels to keep things nice and clean, and a pair of circular lensed sunnies. 

Grey area
Yet another LFW inspiration, this pairing of an A-line midi skirt and black crop is a perfect way to keep it comfy yet classy. The pointed flats and sunglasses keep it sophisticated, whilst the leather backpack and burgundy fedora bring a fun, cheery element to the look. 

Which outfit was your favourite? How do you style your midi skirts?
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