Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Body Shop : Vitamin E Eye Cream // REVIEW

Hey hey wonderful people! I hope you're all well,

Today's review is on an oldie but a goldie! Now whilst I'm only the ripe age of 15 (not for too long!), I do enjoy using eye creams. Fortunately, I don't experience puffiness, but because I'm currently battling through my second last year of school (I'm aware that I'm doing it a lot easier than most out there), thus not getting a whole lot of sleep, an eye cream proves to be handy to banish the pesky circles beneath my eyes.

I've used a product from The Body Shop's Vitamin E line before and fell in love with it, so I decided to give their eye cream a go. Packed with vitamin E, shea butter and rose hip oil, this lovely, gentle eye cream helps to hydrate, smoothen and reduce the appearance of fine lines around your eye area. 

I either massage this around my eyes in the morning after a later night, or before bed after a long day to soothe sore eyes. 

Leave your opinion of this product in the comments below if you've used it, or if you have an eye cream you can recommend to me, let me know also!

Lots of love, until next time,

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