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Exam tips

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Exams...yuck. First things that come to mind for me are sleepless nights, binge eating and bad skin. Exams can be a stressful time, no matter what grade you're in, or whether you're in school or university. It's so important that you stay healthy during this period. Whilst it can be hard to forget about your health, you'll regret not keeping everything in check. I've put together a little list of important things to make sure you're doing during this time:

1. Exercise

Exercising can be great. Whether it's a quick stroll around the block, a run with my dog or a twenty minute sesh with Casey Ho , I find myself having a refreshed mind after a bit of movement. It's a great way to have a break and get your blood pumping before returning back to your dark den of study. 

2. Eat fresh

I sometimes like to reward myself a little bit with a treat after a particularly gruelling study session, but it's important that you don't munch away at chips every time you're pulling out your notes to revise. Swap the crisps for some veggie sticks or a piece of fruit.

3. Stay hydrated

To keep yourself hydrated make sure you always have a bottle of water by your side. I like to make myself a big glass of chilled water and throw in a couple of lemon or lime slices to keep myself awake! Another little recipe I've been loving is one created by the ever so lovely Angela of The Sunday Chapter, which is her Rose & Raspberry Infused Lemonade. Be sure to check that one out!

4. Beauty sleep

You won't perform at your best on an hour of sleep each night. Make sure that you're getting at least eight hours. I know this sounds impossible (and I'm not very good at following this little rule), but it's so important to do so.

5. Take breaks!

Another important thing to do is to take study breaks. It's advised that with every 50 minutes of study you take a 10 minute break in between. During these ten minutes, tidy up your space, collect all your food and water or go outside for a breather. Just do anything that doesn't require much thought.

6. Stay organised

Boy oh boy do I wish I'm more organised. I tell you, it's not fun to realise on the morning of your biology exam that you've lost the stimulus material. To avoid this conundrum, make sure you have all of your sheets and books organised out into a place where nothing can fall down gaps. Make sure that you have all your stationary in one place, and that all of the required pieces for your exam stays put. 

7. Avoid procrastination

I'm not the best with cleaning my room and bathroom, but let me tell you, when it comes to exam time these places have never been cleaner. I procrastinate like crazy. I'm literally the queen of procrastination. One minute I'm researching criminal law and the next I'm off on a wikipedia spree searching up the ingredients of maltesers. Don't ask. 
To avoid procrastination, eliminate all distractions. Don't have your phone by your side and stay in a cleared, quiet workspace. If you can, it's also a good idea to turn off your internet. 

8. Keep your cool.

It's super easy to scream in a fit of anxiousness about how you give up on your life goals and that you'll just run away and join the circus again. I never consider a career of pet grooming or flower arranging until exam time. If you feel yourself getting really stressed, just stand up, leave your studying and go for a walk to clear your head, then come back when your ready. This is when exercising comes in handy too. 

9. Don't leave it to the night before

Trust. Me. Do not leave your study until the night before. It's almost impossible to retain everything you've learnt over a term in your head after one night of cramming. Make sure you've planned out a study schedule AT LEAST a month before. 

10. Believe in yourself

Ugh no I did not just say that. But its true. Try your best to remain optimistic throughout your exams. Don't be too confident though, as I've learn the hard way by being over-confident. Aim high and prepare for the worst but expect the best...I think I just slaughtered that saying. 
And if all else fails...YOLO. No, no I'm kidding. I swear that was 100% sarcastic. I swear that was funnier in my head. 

Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear them below! And if you're about to have your exams, good luck! xx

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