Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Feel Good Tag

Hello lovelies!

I stumbled across a lovely little tag created by Rosa called the Feel Good Tag, and I couldn't resist not doing it myself. I think it's important that we all stop for a moment when things are hectic or when we feel sad to just take some time and acknowledge and appreciate our admirable attributes - don't try telling me you don't have any, because everyone has something appreciable about themselves -  or the things we're grateful for in our busy lives. So pull out some crackers because things are about to get cheesy with my Feel Good Tag! (why on earth did I think that was funny?)

Name one thing you like about yourself.
My optimism. I'm someone who tries to always see the bright side in a gloomy situation. Whilst I may not always be optimistic, I do try my hardest to be.

Name two things happening within the next year that you are looking forward to.
I'll be finishing my final year of high school next year which is both rather daunting and exciting. I also look forward to watching my blog grow, and meeting even more lovely people within the blogging community. 

Name three things in your life that you are thankful for.
My amazing friends, my family and the roof over my head. 

Name four things that never fail to make you smile.
Looking back on memories I'm fond of, feedback on my blog or emails from you guys, watching the people I care about succeed and bad jokes and puns.

Name five things you want to do in your lifetime. 
Be in a job I love, live in England, travel the world, meet the people I idolise and donate a large sum of money to charity. 

Sorry for the cringeyness. I hope you all enjoyed reading this! If you're reading this, I tag you! 
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Until next time, lots of love,

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