Saturday, December 6, 2014

Birthday, finishing year eleven and holidays! // UPDATE

Hello angels?

Okay I wanted a festive introduction and that one didn't go as smooth as I hoped. It just sounded a little weird and creepy... Lets try and pretend it never happened.

Something that I'm not going to pretend didn't happen though (now that smooth transition can make up for my not-so-smooth introduction) is my absence. Yes, it's been a bit over two weeks since I lasted posted but I can promise you that I have a good reason.

The week before last and last week I was busy with all things finishing year eleven. I had my end of year exams the week starting on the 17th of November, then the following week was spent on my school camp, so naturally I was unable to prepare or write up any posts. As for my excuse for this week, I celebrated the beginning of my holidays with a quick trip down to the Gold Coast to visit and help out my Aunt who's a mother to a very busy toddler and a little 6-month-old, and again had no spare time.

[Count the amount of times I say "week"]

But now that I'm back and on holidays, I can promise you a bunch of exciting new content for the weeks to come!

I celebrated my sixteenth birthday last week on the 29th of November. Yikes! Sixteen. That's pretty insane. It's taken me a while to get used to introducing myself as fifteen! Sixteen is a little easier to remember though. I'm taking my time to get my Learners (for driving). I've had a few attempts at the online test and have gotten fairly okay results...but I still need to study a little more for my test.

But wow, okay the biggest update is definitely finishing year eleven. It's a little daunting to be thinking that next year is my final year of high school! I'm both prepared and unprepared, but I'm excited nonetheless!

How did your November go? Did any of you celebrate a birthday? Who else finished year eleven?

Thats it for today folks! Look out for some new posts coming up soon!

Until next time,

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