Sunday, June 30, 2013

♡ Modelco eyeshadow ♡

Hello again lovelies! 

Now this post is about my favourite eyeshadow... ever. Seriously. Its amazing.
It's none other than Modelco's smoky eye duo. Either of the colours is a must in my every day makeup routine. 

The photo below shows the two colours. The creamy/pearly colour is 'Mykonos' (Shoutout to my bestie from Greece! She said to mention her home town Santorini. This is an exact extract from our conversation: "Respect my homeland or i'll hit you with a sack of potatoes". She's an interesting one...).
Myknonos Is perfect for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. If your an insomniac or you suffer from dark circles, along with concealer, this eyeshadow is perfect to hide those shadows. It also does an amazing job at brightening your eyes.
The charcoal-black colour 'Shanghai', is a great colour for those who like to contour your eyes with darker colours in the crease line. This adds further depth and dimension to your eyes.

The colours aren't the only thing to love. Another thing I was left amazed by is how incredibly pigmented these shadows are. This can be a bit of a trouble though if you've contoured your eyes a little too much with the black... it's a pain to take off.
These shadows stay put all day long to: perfect for those party animals out there. 

Alright, so now... where to buy? Well, I received this in either the Girlfriend or Dolly mag in Australia, however I've seen Modelco being sold in Big W and Target (Australia). Modelco has their own website that ships internationally (here's a link to the eyeshadow. It's been altered a little now though: 
Modelco is slightly on the expensive side but you are guaranteed a good, long lasting product.
As you can tell from the large crater in Shanghai and how I've hit pan in Myknonos, I adore this product, and will most certainly be repurchasing this.

Until next time,
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