Sunday, October 6, 2013

♡ September Favourites ♡

♡ Hello Everyone! ♡

Wow September flew by! Im sure I'm not alone on thinking so, too. I'm excited for the month of October...well really...more for the next few months! 
Made with picmonkey. You should check out their halloween effects.

I'm looking forward to Halloween, a trip to Bangkok and THE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HALLOWEEN EPISODE AAAAHHH! And as Halloween is coming up, expect some fun, cheeky tutorials. I've got my costume all planned out. Try and guess (hint: PLL)
All in all, October is going to be a great month. So now it's time for me to share with you the things I've been enjoying in September:

Starting off with an oldie but a goldie. These are the infamous Color Tattoos from Maybelline. I know I'm sounding a bit like a broken record here but these cream eyeshadows are amazing. They're consistency is great, the shadow is super build-able and the shade suite a wide variety of skin tones. 

Starting off with my favourite of the two shades. I love this one so much I've bought a second one for when this runs out. It's a gorgeous deep (and shock horror) bronze shade, a change from my usual soft neutral colour palette. Perfect colour, and I know this one will be staying in my collection for quite some time. Lovely for the fall for my lovely northern hemisphere readers, and perfect for the upcoming summer in Aus! 

This colour wasn't one I'd expect to use in the day time, but lately I've surprised myself and fished this out from my eyeshadows to give it another go.
This is a more yellowy variation of 'bad to the bronze". As you can tell from the large indent in the mixture, I've been using a fair bit of it lately. I find it looks great with a darker brown shadow in the crease, and a nude/cream colour in the inner corners. 

A little hard to see, I apologize. 
Now time for the Body Shop's 'Baked to Last' bronzer in 'warm glow'. This bronzer has been a favourite of mine for years. It was gifted to me a couple of christmases ago (not the one shown in the picture, obvs) and since then I've been hooked.
There is only two shades to choose from (this one and Golden Bronze), and they both give you a gorgeous summer glow. Dust it across your cheeks or in the hollows of your cheeks to add some warmth to your face. Regardless of the season, this is a great product to have handy. 
It is a little pricey compared to some other great bronzers out there, but it lasts you a long time and the colour payoff is awesome. 

I'm nearly certain this mascara has been mentioned in a previous favourites post, but I can't find it so I must have been dreaming.
This is the infamous 'The Falsies Volum' Express' from Maybelline. Perfect for those who adore big, false-looking lashes. Lovely and build-able, but beware for those who don't like clumps.
Spidery lashes aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I thought I didn't like them myself until I gave them a go. Generally, because they give your lashes that wet-like look, I never even once considered them. This mascara spreads an even amount over each lash, and the more you build on, the thicker and more spidery-like your lashes will appear, whilst avoiding wet lashes.
Super voluminous and inexpensive, something I will continue to buy over and over again.
Sorry to all the non-Australians out there, but lately these Chi Chi "Goes to Rio" double ended glosses have been something I've been reaching for my everyday makeup routine. Not only do they have a great colour payoff, but the formula is great. It's nice and creamy and stays put for quite some time. 
Not to mention, these guys are also super inexpensive - ten shades for $20!

Starting off with the darker colours in the set. The first one appears to be a pink with purple reflex in it. When applied onto the lips, it's one of those colours where its a your-lip-colour-but-better shades. A slight amount of shimmer.
The second colour appears to be a deep red, but when swatched and applied on the lips, you are surprised with a fun, berry colour. Super fun and perfect for Christmas (AH TWO MONTHS AWAY!)

The next two of my favourites include a fun pink and a lighter, sheer variation of it. Nice when you only want a subtle pop of colour.

I'm sure I've raved about these somewhere on my blog before. This is the Sea Pearls Shimmer Brick Eye Palette from Bobbi Brown. 10 stylish, sweet colours to create a variety of lovely, youthful eye looks. For those who suffer from sleep-deprivation and aren't afraid of some colour, opt for these shadows in the inner corners, on your lids or even swept on your lower lashline. A lovely pick-me-up. 

Above I have swatched some of my favourites. Starting from the left, Sunshine, glisten (Which I adooooore in the inner corners), surf (awesome on the lower lash line for a subtle pop of colour) and blush.
As you can see, they are quite sheer, but that's the beauty of them. They aren't really intended to be rich in colour, as their shimmer takes centre stage.
The Al'chemy Lavender & Anthyllis 24 Hour Intensive Moisture Leave-In Conditioner For Normal, Dry & Textured Hair (Woah, mouthful) is perfect for those with limp, lifeless hair (aka, moi). 
If you've haven't been blessed with silky smooth tresses, look no further.
Depending on where you'd liek to concentrate this product, begin with a pea sized amount and smooth it out. I love to use this in the lengths of my hair along with the tips, and occasionally in my roots. It's not necessary to apply product there are your scalp produces oils to nourish your roots, so if you can skip using products in this area.
The scent is subtle, and after a full night of letting it work its magic, your hair is left feeling soft and brand new. 
Lovely product, and I'm considering repurchasing it in the not-too-distant future. 

To kick-start the non-beauty favourites segment of this post, I've got these gorgeous studs from H&M. Gifted to me by one of my lovely friends, these come in packs of three (I lost the middle sizing somewhere in either my wardrobe or suitcase). I have the silver and rose-gold, and they really are perfect when your stuck on choices for earrings to go with outfits. Great school earrings too!

Yet another gift, this flower garland given to me by Jamielle, a loyal reader and amazing friend ;)
I don't know what it is about flower garlands, but I can't help but feel like a fairy princess or Lana Del Rey with one on my head. Super pretty and a super cool accessory for those who aren't afraid of a little attention.
Speaking of totally random favourites, this is a Cat money box made out of a coconut. Could you get anymore random? I love me some cats, coconut is one of my favourite places and this is a super quirky decorative piece. Love it!

AAAAHHH okay fangirl moment. I have been crazy obsessed with Percy Jackson lately. Like honestly, I actually have dreams about going to camp Half-Blood, going on quests with Percy and co. Its an amazing, action-packed novel that leaves you wanting to read more after every chapter. I'm now up to Titans Curse.

The second book I've read this month (along with the Lightening Thief, Sea of Monsters and the Order of the Phoenix) is the Happiness Project. It's a slow-paced book, but definetly a good one that leaves you feeling that little bit happier and more inclined towards creating your own Happiness Project.
It's a self-narrated book by Gretchen Rubin, where she shares with you her steps towards making her life happier and more fulfilled.
I believe everyone needs a book like this in their lives. 

I've been bad with not including my flower favourite lately but I'm not going to disappoint this month.
I adore these 'Komachi Carnations'. They're a gorgeous centrepiece and a lovely decorative item to add colour to a room. These ones kind of look like a white flower dipped in pink paint. 

As for my POTM (playlist of the month), I've been listening to these a lot. I know there are some older ones up there (Mercy, a great beat, fun to do math with) this month too!
I don't know how I missed Lorde, but I've been listening to her whole Pure Heroine album, along with the Love Club EP. You can call me slightly obsessed.

I would include my movie and tv show favourites but to be honest with you, I haven't watched anything at all. Other than Wreck it Ralph, which was a very cute movie.
I'm holding out (It's very hard) for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode too. If you want to fangirl with me, please do so. 

Until next time, Lots of love,


  1. I got a colour tattoo yesterday and I love it and just want more of them now! I really need a good bronzer and just got a cheap rubbish one yesterday but wish I got a better one after trying it out now!xox

    1. Ah they're great! I just keep on buying them! It's not an unhealthy habit...oops! As for the bronzer, that sucks! I'm sorry to hear. After trying out a few, I can highly recommend the Dream Terra Sun from Maybelline, the bronzer shown in my post above and Hoola by Benefit :) hope this helps

  2. Awesome playlist! and I hope you enjoy the books! I love the color of the lip glosses, they're really pretty (:

    1. Thank you! And I did, they were great :) and I know right? The glosses are actually quite moisturizing in a way too which is weird for me haha xoxo

  3. I looove maybelline's bad to the bronce colour tattoo, on the other hand, I'm probably the one person who hates the falsies...


    1. The best thing is that color tattoo suits nearly everyone! And you do have to be patient and just work with the falsies, I do recommend just giving it a try. I mean, it is so cheap anyway! xoxo

  4. A great detailed post :) I love the Hair Crown it's gorgeous and you've really made me want the happiness book now too xoxo

    1. Thank you Laura :) the flower crown is amazing :) and I'm glad! I highly recommend it to those who enjoy books like such xoxo

  5. I used to have such a hardcore obsession with Percy Jackson. When the final book came out, my friend and I ran to Barnes and Noble to grab it before everyone else at school. We also drew which god's (or godess') mark on our arms to show which house we would want to be a part of at Camp Half-Blood for the premiere of the first film.

    Have fun in Bangkok! That sounds exciting!

    1. Haha oh wow! Oh my, Percy Jackson is actually such a terrible thing for me, I'm too obsessed if there is such thing! Its gotten to the point where whenever it rains I think of Zeus haha

      Thank you Audrey! xoxo

  6. Amazing picks and pictures love them all <3

    1. Thank you Krystel for your lovely comment xoxo

  7. I really like the lipsticks and the flowers in your hair! They look super nice :)

  8. Wow loved your favourites ! the earring n lipcolors are very pretty